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Online Courses
26th Apr 2021  |  Glow & Lovely Careers  |  Online Courses  |  2 min read
“People like us don’t even dream, and you’re thinking of Miss India crown?!”  That was the reaction Manya’s parent…
Online Courses
12th Apr 2021  |  Glow & Lovely Careers  |  Online Courses  |  3 min read
It is said that if you believe in your dreams, follow them. Money will automatically come in. Saumya’s success stor…
Success Stories
18th Aug 2021  |  Glow & Lovely Careers  |  Success Stories  |  2 min read
Women have made their mark everywhere. These stories are very inspiring.
Women Achievers
16th Aug 2021  |  Glow & Lovely Careers  |  Women Achievers  |  3 min read
Capt. Prem Mathur broke stereotypes one after the other, all in one go. An Indian married woman born during the pre…
Women Achievers
13th Aug 2021  |  Glow & Lovely Careers  |  Women Achievers  |  2 min read
NASA rejected Sanjal Gavande's application for the role of a Space Engineer due to citizenship issues. Little did N…
Exciting Jobs
11th Aug 2021  |  Glow & Lovely Careers  |  Exciting Jobs  |  3 min read
Ahilya is a program specially designed to help girls make a career for themselves.  It provides both: training and…