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10 Inspiring Women in India - Glow & lovely Careers

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Gone are the days when only women were nurses and only men could be doctors.  Today, one will find there are as many female doctors as men. And both men and women can be excellent nurses.

It's an equal world today. Where the only difference between a boy and a girl is their gender. It's all about finding one's passion and the right career guidance.

Here is a list of 10 such women who have shown the world that be it law or science, space or technology…If a woman decides to step into that field, then the sky is the limit for her!

  1. Mallika Srinivasan: She is the MD and chairperson of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, a major tractor manufacturing company. She is also a board member of many prestigious institutions such as IIT, ISB, Tata Steel and the US-India Business Council.
  2. Ritu Karidhal: Known as the Rocket woman of India, Ritu is an aerospace engineer. She is also a scientist working with ISRO. Ritu had a key role to play in India's Mars Mission, Mangalyaan. She was the Deputy Director for Operations.
  3. Zia Mody: One of the most powerful lawyers in India, Zia is a corporate lawyer who founded her own law firm, AZB & Partners. She was one of the most successful lawyers when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.
  4. Komal Mangtani: Komal took up coding as a rebellion. Today she heads Business Intelligence at Uber!
  5. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: From being on the board of IIM Bangalore to being the founder of the company launching the vaccine against Covid, Kiran is a true inspiration for women across. She is the founder and executive chairman of Biocon, a biotechnology company.
  6. Lt General Dr Madhuri Kanitkar: Dr Madhuri's father was wary about her joining the Army. But, Dr Madhuri decided to put her nation first. Not only did she join the Army Forces Medical College but was also awarded the President's Gold Medal by the college.  She proved her choice was right when she was promoted as a Lt General in the Indian Army – a highly prestigious post that many can only dream about! 
  7. Richa Kar: When the word lingerie was still said in hushed voices, Richa decided to start Zivame, an online platform where women could buy lingerie online. Today, Zivame is a highly successful brand, and Richa's success story as its founder has become an inspiration for many.
  8. Richa Singh: She is the co-founder of the mental health online portal, YourDOST. She experienced the suicide of a classmate who was worried about grades. She, therefore, built a platform that could arrange affordable counsellors & psychologists for free. It also helps the people seeking help to stay anonymous through an online interface.
  9. Aditi Avasthi: When Aditi could not crack the IIT entrance exam, she did not let disappointment demotivate her. Instead, she used her experience to start Embibe.com – A platform that helps other students with their entrance exam.
  10. Ashwini Asokan: She is the founder of an Artificial Intelligence-based company, Mad Street Den. Ashwini and her team have worked across India, the US, UK, Europe, LatAm and Japan and have delivered many cutting-edge projects in technology.