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10 Things Powerful Women Do Every Day

10 Things Powerful Women Do Every Day

“Both success and failure are largely the result of habit.” Napoleon Hill

 Have you ever wondered what are the qualities that make a powerful, strong woman? What are the things she does every day that enables her to become the strong person that she is? It is undoubtedly her habits that aid her towards achieving success in life. They may seem like superheroes but they definitely don't have capes, they just have strategies. The Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) dreams of creating as many powerful, successful women as possible through its various endeavours like providing expert career guidance, online courses for free, online mock tests, career tests and many more. Now, let’s see what are a few of the daily habits of some of the successful women around the world:


1. Productive morning routine

 Many a time, the way you spend your mornings pretty much decides how the rest of your day would pan out. The key is to develop a morning routine that sets you up for success. It could begin with waking up early, preferably between 4:30 AM- 5:00 AM, before the entire world wakes up so that you get enough ‘me’ time. Make exercise a habit in the morning so that you get all pumped up to take over the rest of the day. And, most importantly, do the hardest task of your day in the morning as this is the time you are high on motivation and energy.



2. Organize your work

Keeping lists helps in organizing work a lot, which means you can save a lot of time that might otherwise go waste. Successful women are often seen making lists to prioritize their work. Allotting time to each and every task in a day and completing those in the same time duration is a very useful step to take.


3. Visualize Success Always

 Oprah Winfrey said that it is consistently imagining the kind of life you want to have that will get you there. So live the life you want through the power of your thoughts. Imagine the life you want and make it real by creating the thoughts in your mind. See the picture vividly and visualize your dream life every day.


4. Push yourself out of comfort zone

 This is the most important step to take as far as execution is concerned. No woman has ever been successful being in her comfort zone. Think of your comfort zone as a box that prevents you from taking any risk or putting yourself in situations that stretch you. Make it your mission every day to push yourself to achieve what you thought you couldn’t.


10 Things powerful women do every day


5. Speak up for yourself

 Successful women have strong opinions and they make sure that these are heard. Speaking up is different from being bossy. You need to master the former. Make sure to voice yourself on the right platforms and assert respect. This will help you build self-confidence.


6. Be on time

 The importance of being on time cannot be stressed enough. Being punctual reflects many things about your personality. It shows that you are disciplined, you are organized and that you respect other people’s time. Being on time is one of the first steps towards all your achievements. It ensures that you get your tasks done on time.


7.    Keep learning continuously

Learning never stops no matter how successful you become. There is always something more to learn. So, it is important that you devote time to learn something new every day of your life. You can take one step higher every day by reading plenty of books, browsing the internet or taking online courses on subjects that interest you.


8. Be there for others

Real powerful women do not step on her subordinates or be mean to others. They always help other people. They understand that the best way to truly connect with others is to be kind and to help them. This helps them grow as individuals.


9. Eat right

Successful women often have very busy schedules. However, that is no excuse to not eat right. Eating right builds health and creates the right mindset for you to accomplish your daily tasks.


10.  Make time for yourself

 Tight schedules, meetings, and professional work can take up a lot of your personal time. However, you need to make time for yourself so that you rejuvenate your mind and gather the energy to go on with life.