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Inspirational Story of 14 Years Old Girl - Navshri Thakur

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A high school student in Madhya Pradesh, Navshri’s innovation is a new 8-in-1 device. She developed this to help her mother and ended up winning an award!

Some people believe that STEM subjects are not suitable for girls. STEM is the short form for science, mathematics, electronics, and technology. And Navshri has proven all these people wrong!

Using the principles of STEM that she learned in school, Navshri created an 8-in-1 device to help reduce her mother’s workload.

Navshri’s mother used to work in fields. But before that, she had to prepare food for the whole family, wash the utensils and clothes. After all this, she used to leave for her work and came home directly at night.

Navshri and her elder sister used to help her with a few household chores before leaving for school in the morning. But if any task remained, her mother had to complete it in the evening after coming back from work.

Navshri could see that it becomes very tiresome for her mother. That’s when she decided to help her mother by creating this device. This is the same device that has now won her the INSPIRE award from National Innovation Foundation or the NIF.

NIF is patenting Navshri’s device! So what makes this device so unique!?

This device consisted of eight functions that helped in chopping, crushing spices, extracting the juice, and even can be used for making Rotis.

The device has removable parts, and when all the pieces are removed, one can fold it into a plank. Navshri named this device the Multi-Use Kitchen Machine.

There are many automatic machines available in the market that can simplify household work. But the fact that this girl has invented this device on her own at a very young age makes it unique.

Also, many machines that we see in the market are generally electronic and made of plastic. This makes one question their durability.

Navshri’s device is made of stronger materials like teak wood and steel cups. Making it more durable

What is even more interesting is how Navashri took her teacher’s help and even involved the carpenters in making this machine!

At first, Navashri struggled to think about how this device should be made. So, this creative little girl drew a rough device on the paper.

She approached her science teacher Aradhana Patel at the school. Her teacher helped her understand how she could use science to design her device. She also asked a few carpenters in the locality to get an idea if the device would work or not.

After taking the carpenters’ advice, the device was created by 2021.

NIF provided the funds to purchase the materials. “It was built with the help of a carpenter in our locality and cost less than Rs 3,000,” Navshri said.

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