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2 Food Bloggers Madhura & Archana - Glow & lovely Careers

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  • Did you ever think that writing about food could help you start your own business? 
  • Or you would feature in a Google ad because you like good food?
  • Or stay in the best hotels, enjoy great food and beautiful rooms because you like writing and food?
  • Or how about just having the latest kitchen appliances and products in your house, free of cost? All because of writing and your love for food?

If you think that these are just dreams, then think again. These are success stories of food bloggers.  

If you like writing and love food, then food blogging is an exciting career option that you can consider.  You can also check out our free online courses in English to learn a few tips that may help you in writing. 

What is food blogging?

In simple words, food blogging is writing about food.

There are so many different subjects that can be a part of a food blog, such as:

  • Writing recipes
  • Writing reviews of restaurants and their food
  • Writing stories on street food
  • Writing about culture, community and food

Are there any food bloggers in India currently?

Food blogging is an emerging career opportunity for many in India. Here are 2 food bloggers who will inspire you to look at a career in food blogging:

Madhura:  While searching for recipes, you may have already come across her site – Madhura's recipe. Madhura was a banker by profession before.  After having a baby and shifting abroad with her husband, Madhura was looking for a change of career.

She wanted a career option that would allow her to spend time with her baby. That was how Madhura started her own YouTube Channel and turned into a food blogger.

If writing does not interest you, you can still be a food blogger. YouTube, Instagram and other social media apps help you tell your story with pictures.

Today, Madhura has more than 7 million followers. After her success as a food blogger, Madhura has turned into a businesswoman. She has launched her own brand of packaged masalas.

Archana: An engineer by profession, Archana too started blogging about food after she had a baby. Unlike Madhura, Archana never wanted to start it as a business idea.

However, soon her blog - Archana’s Kitchen, turned out to be very popular.

Soon she was approached for ads on her site, cooking classes, catering and sponsored posts. And that’s how an initiative to share recipes soon turned out to be a big business.

The icing on the cake was when Google ran an ad featuring Archana!

What are the different opportunities available if I become a food blogger?

You can share recipes:  There can be recipes that belong to your mom and grandma. Or you can create new recipes by collaborating with packaged food companies.

Write reviews:  You can review products, restaurants and food joints and feature them on your blog. There are many companies that pay bloggers to write reviews.

If you wish to take up a career in blogging or creating digital content, it is a good idea to take up courses in visual communication design and also know more about digital media marketing and content writing to boost your chances of becoming a successful food blogger. 

If you are looking for other exciting career options than writing and food, you can also check out our section on exciting jobs – It lists down all the different opportunities available for you.