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3 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Online Course

3 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Online Course

With the increase in awareness and competition, you will come across a lot of professionals switching careers and opting for further studies. The online education industry as a result, gained popularity with great momentum due to many people opting for online courses to enhance their technical and soft skills. According to recent studies, the number of young aspirants choosing online courses via online education is nearly close to 6-10 million in India alone. This astounding number is a result of the success of virtual classrooms and easy accessibility. Companies offering jobs around the world have also acknowledged online certifications.

Although online courses are extremely popular and one of the most sought after mediums for learning, it can be overwhelming to understand the right course suited for you. From language online courses to professional online courses, you can choose any course in the comfort of your home with the duration you prefer. At Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation), we take pride in offering a multitude of online course certifications along with online career guidance to help you choose the right online course. We understand the importance for any aspirant to choose the online courses best fitted for her interest and needs. Enroling for the right online course ensures extended interest in the subject and is a definite confidence booster.

Here are 3 simple and quick ways to help you choose the online course best suited for you

1. Identify your objective from the course

The most important aspect of choosing the right online course for you is to identify the purpose of the course. Do you require a course to enhance your skills? Or do you need a course that’s relevant for a job?

If you’re looking for courses to develop your skills, we offer courses by subject keeping in mind top industries like Marketing, IT, Finance etc. You can also enroll for English online courses to help you better your language skills.

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If you’re looking for duration-based courses, at Glow & Lovely Careers, we offer a variety of choices for young aspirants looking for courses of different durations. You can choose from short or medium duration online courses (between 1 hour and 7 weeks) to full length online courses (8 weeks to 16 weeks), whichever suits your schedule.

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2. Spend some time on research


Spend some time on researching online courses
Spend some time researching online courses

Once you have an idea of what your objective is from the course, you can explore and read more about your preferred choice of online course. On the Glow & Lovely Careers website, you will find a section on success stories. You can read about how others have benefitted from online courses and found success. Along with clear information on the online courses, we understand the importance of sharing experiences of  successful learners and how it helped them in their careers.

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3.  Challenge yourself


Challenge yourself through an online career test
Challenge yourself with an online career test

In case you were still unable to identify the right online course for you or want to be sure about your choice, we offer a simple  online career test to help you understand your interests.

The test is designed specially to understand your inclinations and preferences and provides you a definitive suggestion on the kind of industry/career options that match your interests. Where relevant online courses are available on the Glow & Lovely Careers site for a particular career, those courses are also listed under the section 'Available Online Courses' for this industry.

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