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5 Best Finance Courses available Online

 financial courses online

There are quite a few jobs where creative thinking and unique views are appreciated. When you work in job the financial sector you are given the opportunity to apply yourself and meet the unique financial needs of families and organizations. Finance jobs also work well for women because jobs in finance typically don't involve too much travel but at the same time, are very well paid.

As a baby step towards achieving this dream of yours, you can look up and take a few finance online courses provided by the Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation). Some of these online courses are international finance, managerial accounting, infrastructure finance, macroeconomics and more. These free online courses in finance from FAL are  put together in a manner that will help enrich your knowledge in finance and economics in a considerable way by the end of the course. Here are the 5 best financial courses online for you:

International finance

This online finance course can be great for you if you are looking to understand deeply the international finance scenario. By taking this online course, students will get to understand the principles on which international finance transactions happen and also the operational aspects of foreign exchange markets. By the end of this course the students will get a clear understanding of how exchange rates are determined, what are foreign exchange risks, who are forex market participants and learn concepts like international arbitrage, international capital market and more. The job options that you have on studying international finance are that of an international trader, finance controller, etc.

Managerial accounting

The managerial accounting online course, also called corporate accounting, will teach you about the financial accounting tasks that are required to operate a business. You will be introduced to the fundamental concepts in financial, cost and management accounting. Managerial accountants generally manage the internal financial processes of an organization by monitoring costs, sales, spends, budgets, conducting audits and more. Students taking this financial course will be be able to systematically apply cost and management accounting concepts to help companies make logical financial decisions.

Security analysis and portfolio management

Risk management is an extremely important function in any organization. It involves evaluating the financial risks that an enterprise would confront and help build ways to minimize or avoid the impact. This particular online finance course gives you a broad understanding of investment management, emphasizing how you can apply the financial theories to minimize the issues that investors and portfolio managers face. The basic topics that are included under the security analysis and portfolio management course are  related to equity investment, fixed income investment, mutual funds among others. You can aim to become a financial security analyst or a portfolio manager by studying this subject in further detail.  


If it is topics like the growth rate of a country’s economy, gross domestic product, inflation, employment rate, etc. interest you, then macroeconomics is the course that you must study. This finance course teaches you how to analyse the behavior of, and understand the performance of a country’s economy as a whole. Under this subject, the students will learn interesting topics like the causes and effects of inflation and unemployment, factors that lead to economic stabilization in the short and long run, and more. There is great scope for students who study this financial course as all governments and corporations rely on macroeconomists to help build successful economic strategies.

Infrastructure finance

Enormous amounts of money is required to build roads, dams, bridges and ports. This interesting course gives you an understanding of what infrastructure finance, or project finance is. Students will get a good understanding of how the financing of industrial projects and infrastructure is achieved. This involves concepts that describe how cash flow plans for financing big projects are constructed and evaluated, risk assessment and management and more.

Glow & Lovely Careers helps you learn financial courses online for free and gives you exposure to courses from some of the world's best universities so that you can realize your professional dreams.