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5 Indian Women with Most Powerful Businesses - Glow & lovely Careers

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"If you passionately want to do something, then do it. Every woman has the potential and capability," says Meena Bindra, founder of BIBA.

Meena started her company with a loan of Rs 8000. A few years later, the same company had a turnover of Rs 600 crore!

So, when someone like Meena Bindra says that every woman has the potential and capability, we know that she is not just saying it to inspire women. It is really true.

Ms Bindra gets her support from Komal Mangtani, who says, "Women in power work doubly hard". Ms Mangtani is the business head of Uber, the popular chain providing taxi services.

It is inspiring for any girl to see how women today are at the forefront of every business.

It is not just these big businesses where women are making news. There are everyday success stories of women too – Where women convert every challenge they face into an opportunity.

Gone are the days where one questioned a woman's role in business or at work. Women today are excelling in every field – from media to medicine and business to banking.  These women are an inspiration for the generations of girls who will follow them.

Here are 5 such women who head some of the most powerful businesses in the world

  1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: Kiran is a billionaire and the founder of Biocon Limited. Biocon was in the news recently for trying to develop medication against Covid.
  2. Renu Sood Karnad: Ms Karnad is the Managing Director of HDFC Ltd. Last checked, the revenue of the company was 6.5 billion dollars. With more than 66,000 employees, 10,743 ATMs, in 1,568 cities and 3062 branches, HDFC is one of the largest financial institutions in India and the world.  It is inspiring to see a woman heading such business!
  3. Komal Mangtani: Komal is the Senior Director at Uber and heads Business Intelligence for the company. This girl took up Coding as a rebellion against a conservative society that didn't encourage girls to take up challenging careers. Komal was responsible for Uber's 1.2-billion-dollar donation to the organization Girls Who Code. The donation was to ensure girls have better access to computer science.
  4. Indra Nooyi: Indra Nooyi needs no introduction. She was CEO of Pepsi and is now one of the directors at Amazon's board. Recently, she was in the news when Philips proposed that she join their board of Directors. Indra's success is really an inspiration to girls who wish to establish their mark as professionals in their careers.
  5. Divya Suryadevara: She is the Chief Financial Officer for General Motors. She is the first woman to hold this post at General Motors.

These women and their success stories are an inspiration to girls across. They make India proud. All these women are hardworking, sincere and committed. It is easier to establish a career when the profession we choose is an area of interest for us, and we have the skills to excel in that profession.

A psychometric career test can help us plan our career better. It helps us shortlist the professions we can pursue based on our interests and skills. 

Once we identify where do we wish to be, then the sky is the limit for us!