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7 Reasons You Should Get an Internship

Importance of Internship

 If you want to get the experience of working in an office environment and exploring a career path, you can choose to do an internship.

There are a lot more benefits to an internship. But first, let us become aware of what this term internship means.

What Is An Internship?

An internship is an opportunity to work for a company of your choice but only for a few months. The duration is roughly 2-3 months or so. Some companies have internships for 6 months.

In an internship, you discover things about the industry. You learn the day-to-day demands of the job position and learn on the job itself.

Internships also prepare you for the working world. It strengthens your communication and time management skills.

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What Do You Gain From An Internship?

The biggest benefit of an internship is that you get practical job knowledge. It’s a chance to apply industry knowledge in the real workspace.

For example: If you are a B.Ed. student, you could apply for a teaching internship for students. It will show you what it is like to teach a real classroom full of students. You will also understand how the other school departments function.

The other bonus is that internships allow you to improve your skills because it is a learning experience. The focus of an internship is not about being perfect at the job but learning from the experience. So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes but learn from them.

Things To Know About Internships

Most Internships Don’t Require Experience - The whole point of internships is getting work experience. Many companies would have openings for internships for graduates or SSC pass students.

Not All Internships Are Paid - Some internships are paid while others can be unpaid. People still apply for unpaid internships after calculating the amount of knowledge they gain in return. Sometimes, hardworking interns get a full-time job offer if the employer sees potential in their work.

Always Speak To Your Mentor - For mentoring and training, you will have seniors in the office to interact with and learn from. Every now and then, ask your mentor if you are on the right track. Clear any doubts you may have with your mentor so that you become aware of the job role.

Take Notes Of Things You Learn - There’s constantly new information given to interns. You might see a senior work on a task and learn a few things. So make sure you make a note of anything that you think is important enough and adds to your personality and skill development.

Now that you know all about internships, let us look at why you should do an internship:

7 Reasons You Should Get an Internship

  1. To Gain Work Experience

One of the main reasons people do internships is to get work experience. Internships count as work experience that you can build into your resume.

A relevant internship will be seen as a bonus point in front of your future employers. It shows that you took the initiative to grow your skills. It is always good practice to show some experience in order to have higher chances of getting selected.

Besides that, the experience from the internship will also make you more confident about yourself. After the internship, you begin to feel positive about doing your job well since you will be much more prepared and know where you stand.

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  1. To Learn To Work In a Team

Another important skill in a workplace is knowing how to work in teams. When you intern at an organization, you have to talk to other team members to complete tasks.

Teamwork is important, and an online course on effective conversation will benefit you to have meaningful discussions with colleagues.

You learn to cooperate and coordinate with other team members to get the job done. When in a team, there could be disagreements. That’s another learning opportunity to resolve the conflict and bring a solution.

Knowing to converse well is a very important interpersonal skill to have in an office. If you aren’t very confident in speaking, English speaking courses help with grammar, speech, and vocabulary.

  1. To Improve Communication Skills

During an internship, you get to interact with different people in the office. You might be asked to make a presentation or be the host of a team meeting. This is a time when your communication skills are put to the test.

You will also need to communicate with your colleagues to know what they are working on. Some people improve communication skills by taking courses, but an internship is an equally good opportunity to practice speaking.

  1. To Explore A Career Option

When you are not 100% sure if you like the job role but want to at least give it a try, internships are the way to go. This is because internships are for a short period of time.

For example, if you think you would like to get into Marketing, you can try out an entry-level marketing internship for 6 months. Learn about marketing on the job, and then decide if you wish to do this full-time. 

Taking an internship can help you know which field you feel is right for you because it clears the confusion about the job role.

But if you are still confused after the internship, consider taking a psychometric test. This is a career assessment tool to help figure out the top career choices that suit your personality best.

  1. To Build And Expand Your Network

Taking internships is one of the many ways to extend the number of professional contacts you have. As an intern in the company, you will find yourself surrounded by several other professionals.

You will meet co-workers at similar stages of life as you. You can bond with them by having open conversations, asking for advice, and sharing challenges you face.

Not just the other interns but try to connect with seniors in the office too. Seniors have more experience at the job, so there will be valuable insight for you to get from conversing with them. You can also use these connections to get job referrals in the future.

  1. To Get Practical Knowledge

After handling tasks in an internship, you get to know how an office actually works. In books, you can learn a lot about what to do and what not to do.

But only when you are put in a situation where you have a big responsibility on your shoulders, do you get first-hand experience.

In theory, there are many tips given, but practical application is also equally important.

For example, you might have all the theoretical knowledge about working in an advertising agency. But only when you are physically present in an ad agency is when you will know how to manage clients, time, and more.

  1. To Feel Productive

During an internship, you take on different tasks depending on what your seniors assign you. Generally, you will get different sets of office projects to handle, so you learn to multitask.

You end up feeling knowledgeable and happy completing the tasks you get because it keeps your mind fresh with ideas.

You also feel valued when your contributions are appreciated and taken up by the team. Overall, there is a sense of achieving a more productive YOU by the end of the internship.

By completing an intensive internship, it becomes easier to understand the stress and joys of a working environment.


What Is The Objective Of An Internship?

The objective of an internship is for beginners to become familiar and comfortable with a job role. In an internship, you are trained and learn from other staff in the company. It is a great professional learning experience for students or anyone who wants to understand the industry.

What To Expect From An Internship?

When you intern, expect to multitask. You won’t always be given just one thing to do but a variety of different tasks. This way, you learn more and understand if you can handle more than one responsibility. Also, expect to be trained and given challenges by seniors. The challenges will ultimately help you find your strengths and weaknesses.

Is It Okay To Make Mistakes As An Intern?

It is okay to make mistakes when you are an intern because it is a learning stage. After making a mistake, understand what went wrong and do your best to avoid it again. Mistakes will happen since the job role is new, and it takes time to understand your tasks. The lesson is to learn from the mistakes you make as an intern.