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The ABC Secret of Success: An Engineering student’s success story with Analytics

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Have you ever thought that Analytics can be linked to Engineering, Banking and Commerce?  Divya Tulapurkar did….and  created her own success story in the process.

Gone are the days when one could make a career in only one field…

The days when an Arts student could not think of a career in medicine.   OR…

A medicine student could not think of a career in commerce

Today, there are many exciting career options available where it is possible to combine knowledge of different subjects. And be successful in one’s career. In fact, there are many online courses available too – which encourage students to learn subjects which may not directly be a part of their school or college syllabus.

It is possible to combine knowledge of different subjects and become successful in one’s career. 

Divya Tulapurkar mastered this well.  At 25, after completing her engineering, she did a Master's in Analytics and Business. And that was her first step to success….

After completing her Master’s, she joined a famous bank. Her education in both helped her climb the ladder very quickly. She joined as a manager, and within a couple of years, at 30, she was one of the youngest directors there!

So what is Analytics, and how has it helped Divya?

Commonly known as Data Analytics, it is the method of studying raw data and presenting its different aspects.

A Data Analyst is the person responsible for collecting and studying this raw data. She then presents this data as simple graphs and charts that are easy to understand.

Divya says the best way to present data is through stories. These stories are easily told through simple graphs and charts. They make decision-making easy for businesses. 

After SSC or HSC, you can do a UG, PG or Doctorate in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Information Management. There are also many certificate and diploma courses available. 

You can do a quick course on Data Analytics to get a better idea about the field.

Divya worked with a team of Data Scientists at the bank. Due to her expertise in Analytics, she could apply technology to give some important insights. These helped the bank improve customer experience.

Applying Analytics and Engineering to Banking and Business

Business and technology have always gone hand in hand. Very few people can convert technical data into business understanding, and Divya is one of them. At the bank where she worked, their every decision was based on data analytics, as it helped them:

  • See what’s working and what’s not,
  • Point out areas that needed development
  • Act as an early warning system.

Divya’s success story reveals her success mantra

  • Select a career or job that you like, and you will be happy working for: It’s the shortest way to success
  • Everyone’s career path is different. There is no set way to success. Be brave to do things differently: It is an advantage to have a combination of different skills and degrees:
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an excellent field for women today: Don’t be afraid of taking Analytics or any technical field as a career

Selecting a career can be confusing due to the vast number of options available today. You can join a women-only career community. You can get advice and tips from experts and counsellors on careers, exams and jobs.