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Ahilya- Emerging Career Opportunity for Girls

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Ahilya is a program specially designed to help girls make a career for themselves.  It provides both: training and job opportunities.

So what really is Ahilya?

Ahilya is Hindustan Unilever’s initiative for women looking to build a career in the field of sales. It teaches you the foundation of sales systematically so that you can carve a place on your terms. It trains you in such a way that you can find a job in Sales.

Ahilya offers women training and job opportunities…So a girl can have a career. Earn her own income. Support her family and also her own dreams.

Here is the story of Krishna and how the Ahilya initiative helped her achieve her dreams and build a career for herself.

Why Sales?

Sales is a lucrative job. You may start at a ground-level as a Sales Representative, get promoted as a Regional Sales Manager or go even beyond the position of a Sales Vice-President. There is hardly any end to upward growth in Sales.

Anyone can get into Sales and build a successful career.

  • After 10th – Not necessarily everyone who goes into a profession after 10th or high school is needy. Some do it for quick extra money and to kill spare time. Some do it to gain experience before deciding what field to choose as a career. And experience never goes to waste.
  • As a full-fledged career – Some people are good at communicating and convincing others. This is an inherent talent that is beneficial when put to good use. Candidates who are good at establishing and maintaining a good rapport with clients are always preferred by Sales organizations.
  • As a career switch – Spending significant time in a specific profession for years can make things boring. A switch in the same field is the only possible outcome. Sales doesn’t follow this approach. You may be working in a departmental store yet be eligible for an automotive sales position.
  • No specific degree restrictions – While a degree always helps, not having a degree in sales does not stop one from getting a sales job.

It is a good job opportunity for anyone after 10th, HSC pass, graduation or even post-graduation.

  • If you have taken a break – You may start late but get frequent promotions and cope with the lost time. In sales, you get to enjoy awards and rewards. An upward growth when your targets complete, exposure, and as a result, chances at promotions. Ahilya helps you in get the experience and expertise you have been working for. You may start somewhere as a junior sales executive, and end up as a successful career woman heading her own team  - A manager or an area sales manager and more as you climb the ladder of success. 

Why Ahilya then?

Because it is designed especially for women – so the training program understands the strengths of a woman as well as the challenges she faces

And most importantly, it does not just offer training but also a job opportunity once the training is complete.

Here is the story of another Ahilya, Kalyani, who proved that mothers could have a successful career in Sales.

An assuring feature of Ahilya is after training; it doesn't leave you alone unless you are comfortable and confident enough. Teaching, training and a job opportunity is a complete package. Just what you need to begin your career in the field of Sales.

And you never know. You may even be included in the most successful Indian women achievers list or be featured in India's top 10 successful women. Your story can be an inspiration & motivation for more females. Meanwhile, here is ‘Minkal’, who takes us through her journey with Ahilya.

Here are some common Lies and Truths about Sales

Sales has been perceived as a male-dominated field- Lie

While we see women in this field, their presence is less compared to men. Truth

People who can fool others are suitable for going into sales- Lie

Sales is all about establishing a genuine connection. Helping people choose what is ideal for their needs and offering & convincing them about your products & service and how it benefits them- Truth

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