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Successful Business Woman Story of Aishwarya Ravi

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Aishwarya is a successful businesswoman today. And her baby’s skin allergy was the actual source of inspiration for Aishwarya to start her own business!

When Aishwarya’s baby daughter started getting rashes, she went to the doctor. It turned out that her baby was allergic to the baby products commonly sold in the market.

A specific chemical in those products was causing such angry rashes on her skin. The doctor advised her not to use any product on her skin for a few weeks and give her sponge baths instead.       

Converting a problem into an opportunity …

Aishwarya was very worried about her baby. She knew she could not keep her baby clean without using any soap or shampoo on her for weeks to come.

She decided to take this challenge up and find a better solution for the baby.

So, she contacted her mother and grandmother to know about the age-old practices that can alternative the chemical products. They have been following these practices for generations in their family.

With her mother’s and grandmother’s guidance, she started making powders with the available kitchen ingredients like - cold-pressed oils, egg whites, besan flour, etc.

She first tried the products on her skin. When she was sure there would be no side effects, she used them on her baby. There were no rashes or allergies, and Aishwarya was happy. The products also made the skin feel soft and smooth.

Aishwarya did not stop here. She wanted to make the same chemical-free organic products for adults too. 

She started reading research papers and blogs to gain more knowledge in what she was doing and eventually took a course on making skincare products.

This changed everything completely.

She started making shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers at home and distributed them amongst friends and family for their feedback. The reviews always came out to be good. This motivated her to make more products like these.

Expanding horizons and finding new opportunities

With the help of her friend, Haarini Sukumaran, she started her Facebook page and used it to advertise the products.

At first, they just used to sell bar soaps and liquid soap. Aishwarya used to look after making and packaging the products. Haarini handled marketing and advertising.

They started getting good responses from the customers and began getting massive orders. So, they hired four women who helped them in their manufacturing process.

The duo now sells 65 different products. This includes- lip balms, body butter, shampoos, shampoo bars, oils, etc. Some products are specially formulated for children; other products are safe for all age groups. From being a homemaker, this mom now makes a business of Rs 5 lakh a month!

 Like Aishwarya, many women plan to start their own business or even expand the current one. 

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