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Inspirational Story of Ankita Shah - Girl Auto Driver

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Ankita Shah has never let challenges define her. Instead, it is achievements that make her so unique. Hit by polio when she was just one year old, it would have been fair for Ankita to blame her destiny.

Instead, she took bold steps. Finishing her graduation, taking up odd jobs, and also supporting her family financially. All this even though she had to lose her right leg to polio when she was one year old. 


Ankita’s parents encouraged her to complete her degree. They wanted their daughter to get educated and be independent. Ankita too worked hard and completed her degree in economics. Now was the time to support her parents.

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Without letting her challenges come in her way, Ankita decided to take the bold step to leave her hometown and travel for her job. This meant leaving her parents and sacrificing the comfort of her home. But Ankita was determined to stand on her feet and help her parents.

They had supported and encouraged her when she was young, and now it was Ankita’s turn.  


Ankita took up odd jobs to support her family. It was not easy to find a permanent position. Due to her physical challenge, Ankita found that some companies were reluctant to hire her.

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Ankita, however, didn’t let these difficulties discourage her. She decided to learn how to drive an auto. With the help of her friend, she even got her auto-rickshaw customised with hand-operated breaks.

This helped Ankita drive the auto quickly. Without any stress or challenge. She didn’t let her disability discourage her. Instead, she found a solution, proving once again that it is the abilities that count.

With this intelligent decision, Ankita doubled her income.

“Thanks to my rickshaw, I earn double the amount I was earning in my previous jobs. To increase my earnings further, I have joined a cab aggregator platform as well.” Ankita’s decision of driving an auto-rickshaw has benefited her a lot. She earns Rs. 25000 every month. 

Starting something on her own meant she could decide her own timings. So along with working and earning money, Ankita is also able to take care of her father.

Ankita’s father’s health has improved. She is the financial supporter of her family and has inspired other women and specially-abled people with her positive attitude and hope. She is an unsung hero of her own life, who never gave in and continued walking through the stony paths of her life and became successful.  

Be it emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically, there are so many girls that face these in their lives. With the growing population, sometimes the problem of unemployment also arises. This is why it is essential to be multi-talented to have many options open for you in the future.

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