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Awe-Inspiring Story of Captain Swati Raval Who Rescued Indians Stranded in Italy During the Ongoing Pandemic

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The global pandemic has forced the world to come to a standstill. The number of cases is rising every day. Governments across the globe have issued warnings asking people to stay at home. However, there are some people who’ve stepped up to answer the call of duty. They are rightly called the Corona Warriors. 

Captain Swati Rawal is a pilot for Air India. With exemplary determination, she has become the first Indian civil pilot to conduct a rescue operation. The pandemic brought all international airlines to a halt. Naturally, people stranded in foreign lands were desperate to come back to their homes and loved ones. Captain Swati undertook the mission to bring back 263 Indians from Rome to Delhi. 

She has been praised by the Aviation Ministry and the country at large. Captain Swati has been flying for over 15 years. She says she initially wanted to join the Air Force. She hoped to fly Fighter Jets. But the Air Force did not take women at that time. So, Captain Swati became a commercial pilot instead. She feels humbled and proud that she was able to do her bit in ensuring the safe return of her countrymen. 

While Captain Swati has been showered with praises from all corners, including the Prime Minister, she believes that it is important to extend the same kind of gratitude towards all of our frontline workers. They are working tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe. 

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Captain Swati has become a beacon for the changing tides in our country. With her heroic efforts, she has inspired a whole new generation of women to enter the aviation industry. Women are breaking the glass ceiling every day. However, some sectors, like defense and aviation, have minuscule representation. The time to change it has finally arrived.