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Benefits of taking Bank Exams & Free Mock Tests

Online Test

Today there are many new and exciting career options for students to choose from. Students are willing to take a chance and try something new. This has led to an increase in competition across fields. There are many online and offline courses offered that help one prepare for the field they choose. Now it’s not just about choosing your field of interest, but being at the top of it! Your preparation defines how fast you get to the top. A vital part of this preparation is giving exams. Taking mock tests or sample tests is a good way to prepare.  

What are the benefits of giving mock exams? 

They give you an idea of what the actual exam paper would look like. For example, the structure of the question paper, what sections are there, what type of questions are asked, how many marks for each question etc.

They give you an idea of time management – how much time should I give per question, do I have time left at the end to recheck my answers etc.

They help you understand the marking criteria and cut-off limits.

They help you know your strong and weak points. You may be good at some advanced techniques but weak in some basics.

They help you understand the answering tactics and make you more confident and prepared for the main exam.

Banking and mock tests…

Banking has been a very common field chosen for years. But within it, there are multiple options that have opened up. Today it is known as BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance). To get into any of them, you need to give an entrance exam, pass it, take the relevant course and pass the final exam with flying colours. Be it the entrance exam or the final exams, both require dedicated preparation. In today’s world full of technology, everything is online. There are many free online Banking mock tests available to help you with the same.

Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) offers free online test series for Banking & Insurance. Let’s understand some of the benefits of taking the Glow & Lovely free online Banking Test Series: 

It is free – no fees or hidden costs

You only need to click on the topic and login on the webpage to access your test papers and results

You only need to register on the Glow and Lovely Careers website, and you will get access to multiple free mock tests on the partner websites 

It is online – you don’t need to go out to search for old question papers

Transportation and printing, time and cost both saved

You only need a computer or phone and an internet connection

Keeping records – it saves your previous test results

Instant feedback – you don’t need to give the answer sheet to some teacher and wait for them to mark it. Your answers are checked then and there. And it gives you a detailed report, checked by experts

It also gives you tips and tricks and expert advice to improve your score

You can give the same test many times and compare your results

Confidentiality – only you have access to your results. You don’t need to share your results with other students, teachers, friends or family if you don’t wish to

Real-time exam experience and feedback – helps you keep calm during the actual exam

Today many competitive exams and courses are conducted online, so it helps you get used to the online exam pattern

Very helpful during the pandemic –you can stay at home and still give practice exams

Very eco-friendly – no paper required since everything is online

What are the various Bank & Insurance exams?

IBPS Exams


§  IBPS Clerk



SBI Exams


§  SBI Clerk


RBI Exams

§  RBI Assistant

§  RBI Grade B


§  NABARD Grade A

§  NABARD Grade B

Insurance Exams




§  LIC Assistant


§  NIACL Assistant


§  UIIC Assistant

§  GIC Assistant Manager

Other Exams



§  CWC

§  FCI Manager, etc.

Glow & Lovely Careers offers free online Banking & Insurance mock tests in 5 major fields. Let’s understand some aspects of each field:  

1.   Insurance: 15 free tests available

Some types of Insurance jobs are:

Ø  Agent

Ø  Underwriter

Ø  Customer Service Representative

Ø  Claims Representative

Ø  Adjuster

Ø  Actuary

Ø  Regulator 

2.   Bank SO: 4 free tests available

There’s a very clear and merit-based promotion system:

Ø  Scale 1 - Officer/ Assistant Manager

Ø  Scale 2 - Manager 

Ø  Scale 3 - Senior Manager

Ø  Scale 4 - Chief Manager

Ø  Scale 5 - Assistant General Manager

Ø  Scale 6 - Deputy General Manager

Ø  Scale 7 - General Manager

3.   Bank PO: 19 free tests available

Starting as a Bank PO, this is the promotion system you will follow:

Ø  Scale 1 - Junior Management Grade Officer, i.e. PO

Ø  Scale 2 - Middle Management Grade, i.e. Manager

Ø  Scale 3 - Middle Management Grade, i.e. Senior Manager

Ø  Scale 4 - Senior Management Grade, i.e. Chief Manager

Ø  Scale 5 - Senior Management Grade, i.e. Assistant General Manager

Ø  Scale 6 - Top Management Grade, i.e. Deputy General Manager

Ø  Scale 7 - Top Management Grade, i.e. General Manager

Ø  Scale 8 - Chief General Manager (CGM)/ Deputy Managing Director (DMD)/ Managing Director (MD)/ Chairman

4.   RBI: 7 free tests available

What is the hierarchy of Officers within the RBI?

Ø  Governor

Ø  Deputy Governor

Ø  Executive Governor

Ø  Principal Chief General Manager

Ø  Chief General Manager

Ø  Deputy General Manager

Ø  Assistant General Manager

Ø  Manager/Grade B Officer

5.   Bank Clerk: 16 free tests available

What are the different types of Bank Clerks?

Ø  Bookkeeping Clerk

Ø  Loan Clerk

Ø  Interest Clerk

Ø  Statement Clerk

Ø  Exchange Clerk

Ø  Security Clerk

Some FAQs:

Q - What are the common subjects of bank exams?

Ø  General Awareness

Ø  Maths

Ø  English

Ø  Reasoning

Ø  Computer

Q – Bank exams are offered in which sectors?

Ø  Bank exams are offered in 2 sectors – Government and Private.

Ø  Within these sectors, some banks have their own exams.

Ø  The salary and benefits are also different up to a certain extent.

Q – What are some benefits and allowances bank employees get?

Ø  Medical allowance & Insurance

Ø  Maternity & Paternity Leave

Ø  Travel allowance

Ø  Fuel allowance

Ø  House to stay

Ø  Holidays & Leaves

Ø  Pension

Ø  Gratuity

Ø  Cheaper loan rates

Ø  Provident fund

Ø  Maid allowance

Ø  Dearness allowance

Ø  Training programs

Ø  Better work-life balance

Q – What are the eligibility criteria to apply for a bank exam?

Ø  Education: Graduate or Master Level in any stream

Ø  Country: India

Ø  Minimum Age: 20 years

Ø  Maximum Age: 30 years

Ø  Other Eligibility Criteria:   

o   Students must have a bachelor or master's degree from a Government-recognised university.

o   Students must pass the entrance exam of the bank.

o   The student must not have any criminal or civil offence track record.

Q – What is the Online Tests option on the Glow and Lovely Careers website?

Ø  The online tests on this site have been sourced from our digital education partners. The Online Tests feature will replicate a mock environment to take tests. You will then be taken to our partner's site for the tests, where you may need to create a log in.

Q – How do I access mock tests on the Glow and Lovely Careers website?

Ø  Go on the Glow and Lovely Careers website

Ø  Click the Register option on the top right-hand corner

Ø  Fill in the details asked

Ø  Click create account

Ø  Remember your account details, especially your password

Ø  Read the terms and notices of account creation

Ø  Enjoy access to many mock online tests, online courses, blogs & articles, job opportunities, resume builder etc. 

Q – How do our partner websites work?

Ø  When you click on a particular test option, it will redirect you to our partner websites.

Ø  You might need to create a separate login to access the mock online tests there.

Ø  You can give the exam on the site

Ø  The site will save your results for future use

Q - How is it helpful for women?

Ø  Many women are shy and afraid of giving any exam since the results are shared with others. But here, you can only see your results and share them with others if you want to.

Ø  It is challenging for women and girls working or studying to find time to take exams. You can give the exams anytime and anywhere you want since it is all online.

Ø  You can access the blog page with many informative articles for career-oriented young women.

Ø  The website regularly writes about women who have achieved something great. This can help women and girls get some motivation in life.

Ø  You can also join the women-only chat group, talk to experts from the field, and get tips and advice about different careers and exams.

Ø  Not all women can afford to join a coaching class or college to prepare for competitive exams. This is where the free online test series and courses help.

Ø  There are scholarships also available for women to help finance your career.