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Best Work From Home Job Options For Women

Exciting Jobs

So, you want to put your skills and productivity to use by getting a job. But do you need to be home often? Are you free at irregular times of the day and week?

Or, are you worried you are not qualified enough?

Don't let these things stop you from being an achiever! There are several Work From Home jobs that are open and accessible to all.

Most of these job options require one key ingredient - good access to the internet. There are also several online resources that can help you apply and prepare for Work From Home jobs. Read on to know about some of the best Work From Home job options for women.

Online Academic Tutor

Many students look for help with their studies online, and this is where you can step in as a teacher. An online academic tutor teaches students online in a non-classroom setup. As a tutor, your role is to help the students better understand the things they learn in school.

You will need to get familiar with things like the present syllabus to conduct online tuitions. We suggest you revise the subject you want to teach and the topics being covered.

You will also need to fix certain timings for your students. If needed, divide them into groups. Make sure you pick a time slot when you're free and available on set days.

You can independently hold your own classes over a platform like a Zoom or Google Meets. We recommend promoting your tuition on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

A good idea would be to forward a WhatsApp text to your friends and neighbours to get started.

On the other hand, many online tutoring sites give people a platform to become online teachers with them. These can also offer training and certification as part of becoming one of their tutors. WONK is one such site that was, in fact, started by a woman.

It helps other women take up part-time online tutoring from home.

If you wish to be an online teacher, it is a good idea to take a few courses which train you in online teaching.

Since online teaching is slightly different compared to teaching face to face, a course helps build your expertise and gives you confidence.

There are free online training courses with certifications available on the internet. It is a good idea to go for these courses.

You can also go for online certificate courses in different subjects.

Content Writer

Content writing is a great way to put your writing interests to use while staying in the comfort of your home.

There's a lot of scope for content writers since the content is used everywhere, from websites to social media. As a part of the job, you could be writing a range of content, including blogs, product descriptions, instruction manuals, and reviews.

Make use of this high demand to get yourself a good Work From Home job. Check out websites that put up job postings for content writers, like LinkedIn and Naukri.com.

On your part, work on improving your writing skills by reading reputed blogs and books.

Improve your language as much as possible by reading, taking online courses, and practising writing for different industries.

It will help you target specific companies and jobs.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is yet another field with limitless demand! Graphic designers use tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to create visual content.

This content has a wide range of uses, like being used for websites, advertisements, posters, and magazines. But, unlike content writing, graphic design requires familiarity with certain tools and software.

While some job positions will require you to know how to use specific software like Photoshop or Illustrator, others will be more open to overall experience and familiarity.

Make sure you create a portfolio that includes a collection of samples of your work. Also, make it a point to mention the software on which you created them.

The good news is that anyone can learn graphic design. There are several paid and free online resources like detailed blogs and video tutorials to help beginners learn graphic design. All it takes is for you to have enough practice and understand the basics well.

Remote Salesperson

Are you someone who is good with words and can easily have a conversation with anyone? Then the role of a remote salesperson may be the best Work From Home job option for you.

As a remote salesperson, you could be selling a range of things from products for a company to advertising space.

You will be required to know about what your company sells in detail so you can sell with confidence and be able to answer questions. Plus, you will need to be good at communication to convince a customer to buy your offering.

Not to worry if you feel unprepared since there is training material available online to help you feel more confident.

The role of a remote salesperson is one of the best Work From Home job options for women who are social and are confident speakers.

Job positions for remote salespeople can also go under 'online sales representative'.

So, make sure you look into these kinds of job postings on websites like LinkedIn, Naukri.com, and Shine.com.

Online Classes/Workshops

School subjects are not the only thing you can teach online, and young children are not always the only students you can have. Several women are gifted and talented singers, dancers, artists, yoginis, and musicians.

If you happen to have a similar talent, why not put it to use?

Start your very own online classes or workshops, and share the joy of your talents with other people! All you really need to start is good internet, space, and confidence.

Make use of free online video-communication services like Zoom and Google Meets to set up your classes. We also recommend taking the time to organize your setup well. So if you're a dancer, place your phone in a way to give the students the best view. You can also purchase a phone stand if you want to teach arts and crafts or allow it to stand or lean against something to keep it steady.

Finally, take a few courses on personality development for some confidence to hold your online classes. You can also conduct classes as part of various online websites if you don't want to do it by yourself.

Tips that help while searching for work from home options

Take up free courses that help you build your experience and expertise! It is a good idea to enrol for online courses if you are planning to work from home.

You will find free online courses with certificates online. Check them out! The benefit of these courses is:

  1. It helps you keep learning new skills: For example, if you wish to start an online class to teach dance, there are courses in digital marketing and designing that you can learn. These courses will help you market your course better.
  2. Adds credibility and weight: The benefit with certificate courses is that it makes you come across as a genuine professional.
  3. Upgrades your knowledge. So, you don't come across as outdated: If you are someone who has taken a break in your career to look after kids or home or for some other reason, these courses also help you upgrade your knowledge.
  4. Zero investment education: Many of these online courses are free. So one does not risk one's hard-earned money to learn a new skill or a course. After applying for a course, if you feel it is not what you wanted, then you can always leave it midway without feeling guilty about wasting your time. 

Advantages Of A Work From Home Job

Saving Money And Time - Working from home saves you the precious time you would normally spend on your daily journey to an office. There's no traffic or crowd, and you start work in a relaxed way. Plus, you save up on the money it takes to commute to a workplace.

Being Around Family - Work from home jobs are great options for mothers and women who have relatives or family members to look after. Working from home lets you be around them easily, without worrying about their wellbeing.

Maintain A Work-Life Balance - Working from home definitely makes it much easier to maintain a work-life balance. The time you save on your commute can be used for other things, whether it's looking after the house or family or pursuing a hobby.

Flexibility - A Work From Home job doesn't have to be a full-time commitment. Instead, you have the option to choose between a full-time job, a part-time job, or a freelance position. This is a great way to make sure you pick the kind of job that you are comfortable with.


Hopefully, reading about the best work from home job options for women has inspired you to give the 'Work From Home' life a try. It gives you the chance to be productive and make some money while offering the flexibility you need to stay at home. When done right, it can help you achieve financial independence and have a great career too!