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Build the Perfect Resume using an Online Resume Builder


Building a professional and precise resume is extremely important if your goal is to impress your recruiter with your track record of study and work. You might have done very relevant and commendable work in the past, but if your resume does not drive the point home, and looks too elaborate for the recruiter to read, you might lose out on great opportunities. This is where an online resume builder comes to your rescue. Creating the best resume for taking your career forward successfully requires all information regarding your education and body of work to be placed in a sensible manner, with the points written in very precise and easy-to-read manner. Find and use the best online resume builder on Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) to ensure you get your interview and that your career development is on the right track.

Tips to build a professional resume

We must not forget that hiring managers get thousands of resumes every day. If you want yours to stand out and make the cut, you will have to ensure that it is consistent and clear in the messages it wants to convey. Use a good resume builder online to easily generate a concise, well-formatted and to-the-point document with least effort.

Online resume builders provide various templates to build the document based on your work type, work experience and more.In case you are starting out as a fresher or looking for a career change, you can take a career test online before you start building your resume. You have the option to either type in your relevant details into the tool or directly upload your existing resume, from which the information will be extracted by the tool. At the end of the process, you will have your perfect resume ready for download.

The following points need to be kept in mind while creating your resume:

1.   Select the right resume type: Based on what your objective it, you must select the exact type of resume that you should build. If you are looking to build a typical document with your details to be filled in a particular chronological (date-wise) order, then you must build a chronological resume. If you want to emphasize on your skills and talents, then you should choose a functional resume format, and so on.

2.   Be precise: It’s extremely important to not add irrelevant information into the document. You recruiter must be able to gauge your body of work at a glance. Long sentences need to be avoided. Emphasize only on skill sets that the job you are applying for is asking you for.

3.   Be consistent: A disorganized approach of building your resume will results in failure to impress. Overall, the document should look neat and consistent. The text should be systematically placed with ample space between information. If you are using circle bullet points to mark pointers, then use the same throughout. Do not go for numbers or star bullet points elsewhere. The font should also be the same everywhere. Remember to choose a font size like 10 or 12 for the body of the text and 14 or 16 for the headers. Smaller font sizes are hard to read and should be avoided.

4.   Be legible: It is best advised to use Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri fonts to write your resume. These are professional fonts that are convenient to read. Always use white or off-white colour paper to print the document.

5.   Mandatory information: The following information must be included in your resume mandatorily or compulsorily: Contact information, education or academic qualifications, professional or work experience, and additional skills such as languages known and computer skills.

Good career planning and development happens with choosing the right job and company. The resume plays a very significant role in getting you to the desired interview. Use the Glow & Lovely Careers online resume builder tool to design the best resume for you.