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Career Guidance: Know What It Takes to Be a Successful Market Researcher

Know What It Takes to Be a Successful Market Researcher

Imagine launching a baby care product without understand what mothers are looking for. Or an internet service that is so expensive that nobody buys it. Market research is a very important part of any business strategy. It is an organized method for collecting data required to take many decision including - what product to make, where to sell, to whom to sell and at what price. With an effective market research strategy, a company will be able to know the current trends in the market, get information on what its competitors are doing, what its customers are looking for and what their spending habits are. On the basis of these factors, it is easier to design a strong and strategic marketing plan required for the company’s growth.  

What is the need for Market Research?

Whether for a new business or launch of a new product, market research is one of the key factors that is responsible for a company’s success.  There are two kinds of research that need to be done.

  • Primary Research

This type of research is conducted by the company using different methods like groups, surveys, and interviews. It helps in situations where the company needs to gather new data which has never been collected before.  

  • Secondary Research

This kind of market research uses company reports, internet, research journals, and newspapers to gather existing data which has already captured by others.

Key Benefits of Working as a Market Researcher

Here is why you could consider market research as one of the best career options:

  1. It is a growing field and career opportunities are on a rise
  2. It is a respectable and creative job that requires you to use diverse skills such as observation, listening, analysis, communication
  3. You can gain experience across various industries
  4. You can work as a freelance consultant and choose to work only when you have time available
  5. You can gain exposure to new and upcoming technologies in the field of Data Science, a field where professionals are in very high demand.

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How Can You Become a Successful Market Researcher?

Do you know what it really takes to become a successful market research analyst? Well, you must have these 5 personal qualities or soft skills if you want to become one.

  • Excellent Communication Skills- With good communication, it is easy to explain the impact of your research to your company or clients. If you want to improve these skills, there is an option of online certification program in communication which you can take up alongside your job or studies.

Want to improve on your communication skills? 

  • Strong Writing Skills- To present written reports of your research requires good writing so you must know how to write well.
  • Great Listening Skills- If your listening skills are good, it helps you in understanding what your clients have to say and what they want.
  • Strong Problem Solving Skills- To be a successful researcher, you need to develop or improve the ability of analyzing problem areas and finding the right solutions.  
  • Improved Analytical Skills- Research throws up a lot of data which you need to analyze and understand to draw conclusions. This is where your analytical skills will be helpful.  

Besides these skills, there are other things too which employers will expect from you. Like the ability to handle multiple projects at a time, willingness to learn, a flexible attitude, and knowledge of different types of software applications ranging from basic tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, to more sophisticated ones such as MS Access, Stata, etc.

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