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Careers In Marketing And Sales

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Marketing and sales are among the most important departments in any industry. The career scope here is indeed fairly large. While marketing and sales might sound similar, there is a difference between the two.

In marketing, you develop strategies to increase sales. On the other hand, sales involve the actual ground-level work.

Having exposure to sales is a great way to enter the field of marketing and sales.

Here are the top 5 most common career options in marketing and sales

  1. Marketing Executive

Until a few years ago, women were hesitant to enter sales. Also, it has been an industry dominated by men. But now things have changed!

Women make better sales representatives because they have a natural talent for connecting with people and communicating with them.

If you like interacting with others, then taking a Marketing Executive job is a good choice.

If you're interested, there are women-centric programmes like Project Ahilya that teach women to make a career in sales and marketing and also provide job opportunities in the field of Sales and Marketing.

  1. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is responsible for looking at market trends to see if there's potential to increase sales of the products.

The goal of a marketing analyst is to determine the following -

  • Which products are in demand?
  • Who will purchase them?
  • What is the price that customers are willing to pay?

They do this by analysing data. This job is suitable for those who like dealing with large amounts of data. A marketing analytics course will be useful for such a job.

  1. Brand Manager

A brand manager is also known as the 'guardian of the brand'. Their job is to develop a brand strategy for the company to ensure that the brand has a positive image among the people.

For this, a brand manager researches the target market, finds out the products that are in demand, observes what competitors are doing, etc. Having great communication and relationship-building skills helps here.

  1. Public Relations (PR) Manager

A PR manager increases the brand's visibility in the media. This means dealing with things that go out to the press and protecting the brand name from damage.

The other part of your role is to uplift the brand name at events. This way, the credibility of the brand increases.

In other words, a PR manager is a spokesperson for the company. When bringing a positive image of the brand to the media, being able to communicate effectively is important

  1. Social Media Strategist

In marketing, there is always a person in charge of the company's social media accounts. Their task is to find ways to increase product awareness via social media.

Creative people tend to enjoy this role more. The job is all about making content for Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

To come up with creative ways for people to start liking and responding to the brand. Putting up engaging captions and posting regularly on social media is part of the job.