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Challenges of the COVID 19 Lockdown and the Importance of Correct Communication

importance of communication skills

Communication is a two-step process of sharing information and sharing ideas. There are 4 main types of communication: Verbal (using your voice), Visual (using images, graphs, etc.), Non-verbal (using eyes, hands, body language, etc.) and Written (using emails, WhatsApp, etc.)  Actively listening is also a very important part of communication. Most effective team leaders are good listeners. It helps their team members express their ideas and suggestions freely. Open communication policies help companies save on operation costs by increasing the efficiency and productivity of their employees.

Right now, we are facing a global healthcare emergency. Obeying lockdown rules is important to keep ourselves and our family members safe. Employees all over the world are still struggling to cope with the crisis and manage work from home. Clear and effective communication is the need of the hour. It is extremely important that your message is received correctly with no room for misinterpretation. Poorly crafted messages can reduce the efficiency of a team.

Now more than ever, there is an increased importance of communication skills. Since most organizations cannot talk to their customers through traditional face-to-face meetings; they have started reaching out to them via email, social media, and voice messages. Naturally, in the coming years, there will be a huge demand for employees with good communication skills. Luckily, it can be easily learned.

The Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation)  offers a course called Basics of Communication. In this course, you’ll learn effective communication techniques and gain the confidence to present your ideas clearly. A person with good communication skills tends to climb the corporate ladder faster and is more successful at building strong interpersonal relationships within the organization.

Consider the importance of clear and effective communication in the present scenario: small mistakes by a healthcare professional regarding the dos and don’ts during a pandemic can negatively influence the well-being of an entire community. Good, clear communication is everybody’s responsibility.

The corporate world is full of stories where an email that was meant to be funny has been misunderstood and taken in an unexpected way by the recipient. It is much worse in these sensitive times when you cannot be physically present to explain your tone and context. You must know your audience and create your message accordingly. It must be noted that the written message stays on record and could be held against you.

So, it is worth your time to invest in learning the tools for effective and clear communication. In a corporate setting, you’ll be expected to deal with different types of customers and colleagues. You cannot impress everybody but, speaking concisely and clearly will help you connect with everyone easily. It will improve your negotiations and persuasion techniques. This comes in handy during the appraisals.

Employers want executives who are interested in the long term success of the company. They promote individuals who can motivate the team, manage smooth workflow, and communicate effective solutions to improve their products and services.

Good communication skills will ensure that you are a valued employee with bright prospects in any organization.