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Checking In With Kajal Dixit About Her Journey from Indore to Mumbai and Creating a Career in Private Banking

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Many young women across India dream of pursuing a job in private banking. Sometimes, this can mean uprooting yourself. Shifting from a small town to a metropolitan city is not an easy call to take. But, fortunately, we have examples of many women who have moved from small towns to big cities to chase their dreams. Today, we caught up with Kajal Dixit. A senior management employee in a private bank. Kajal has climbed up the corporate ladder with sheer hard work and determination. She has achieved success while maintaining a good work/life balance. In the interview, she tells us how young aspiring women from small towns can have it all. 

Why did you choose a career in private banking? (Or How Did You Arrive at Your Choice of Career)

Banking is one of the topmost industries in the service sector. I was always keen on servicing people and managing the client’s wealth. I think my interest developed during my childhood when I’d visit the bank with my parents. I liked assisting them in filling up withdrawal slips and cheques. I loved it so much; I was convinced I want to do it for the rest of my life. 

What are the skills needed for a successful career in banking?  

One has to be analytically strong, should love numbers and maths. I’d say good interpersonal skills work as icing on the cake! 

What difficulties did you face living in a big city initially?  

 My journey has been difficult, but worth it! Mumbai is a very fast-paced city. Can you believe I have not boarded any public transport back in my hometown, Indore? But, here, that is not an option. In my 5 years in Mumbai, I’ve become very comfortable using trains. 

Would you like to share some tips with candidates aspiring to crack the bank entrance exams?

If one is looking to get into banks, working on your maths right from standard 10th is critical. If your core domain is accounting, one should be really clear in their concepts right from the start. Candidates interested in jobs with private banks can pursue courses like CFA, FRM, and PGDM in the Finance domain. Also, if one aspires to join government sector banks, it is highly recommended to start preparing for Bank PO exams after your 12th.

What does a normal workday look like for you?

I start my day doing a 10-minute meditation. The office begins with a cup of black coffee which is a must-have when you have a nerve-racking and number-crunching job. My day is packed with meetings, doing analysis, and reporting out financial numbers to the clients I manage. 

Can you tell us the best and the worst part of your job? 

Best thing – Relationship building, I get to meet new people. Sometimes these connections last for a lifetime. 

Worst thing – Too demanding. There are times I am unable to call my parents for weeks at a stretch. 

Do you think there are enough women in the senior management posts in the banking sector?

No, banks need more bold and dynamic women in the workforce. 

But few have made it easier for the rest of us. I look up to Naina Lal Kidwai and Arundhati Bhattacharya.

What advice would you give small-town girls who aspire towards a successful career in a big city, just like you. ?

Never be scared or underestimate yourself, try to be bold and raise your voice for what you feel is right. Most importantly, be a financially independent woman.

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