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Create an Exciting Career for Yourself in the Field of Marketing as a Marketing Executive

marketing executive jobs in India

A person who is hired as a Marketing Executive has a very important part to play in marketing any company’s products. They are responsible for creating and increasing the on-ground market for a company’s products. They do this by carefully promoting the products and selling them to a large pool of distributors and shopkeepers. 

Naturally, one cannot do that unless they have a very in-depth understanding of what the company or product brand is all about. They must also have a good understanding of who the products are for. This will help them convince distributors and sellers about why the products that they are selling will do well. A career as a marketing executive may be perfect for you if you love talking to people. Good communication skills are important in almost any job, but especially in a position that requires you to be in the field, interacting with people.

It might seem like you may need a lot of qualifications to get a job as a marketing executive. But worry not, if you are keen on joining the industry, it is quite simple to get started. You should be at least 18 years of age and have completed your school education, which means that you should have passed class 12. It is also a good option to pursue this career if you are currently in college and looking for job opportunities. 

You may be curious about what a typical marketing executive’s job demands. So let us begin by sharing a few important details. Firstly, the timings for work might vary from company to company, but they are mostly day shifts. So you need not worry about working late evenings. Secondly, it is a field job, so you would be required to travel. Make sure your personal situation allows you to travel regularly, as it is a key part of this job. Having a personal two-wheeler would be quite helpful as you will not be dependent on public transport services for your travel which will cover a lot of areas in a city. 

Typical marketing executive jobs in India can pay between Rs. 1,49,000 to Rs. 5,48,000 per year1. This number can vary, depending on your years of experience, performance levels, and your company’s incentives. For example, some companies may have annual bonuses, some have sales commissions, and some may offer profit sharing. So when you apply for the job, make sure you ask about these details and are clear about how much you stand to make for your work and effort. 

A career as a marketing executive is exciting but also quite challenging. The travel involved and the need to meet monthly targets means you have to always be highly focused. You may not meet the targets on some occasions, but you have to keep yourself motivated. If you are ambitious and love meeting challenges, you will have a successful career in this role. On the plus side, you will be able to create a vast network that can help you as you progress further in your career. The qualifications required for such a job are fairly basic, which means you start quite young.

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