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Creating Change with Nupura Kirloskar and Janhavi Joshi and Their Humanitarian Tech Startup, Bleetech Innovations

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Did you love participating in the science exhibition in your school days? Does your college rely on you to come up with the most exciting science project? Then, you’ll find the story of these two young entrepreneurs truly inspiring. 

Nupura Kirloskar and Janhanvi Joshi were recently featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Their humanitarian company, BleeTech, has been praised globally. It all started when the duo went to see a dance performance by a group of deaf students. They observed that there was a lack of coordination within the dancers, and the audience wasn’t fully engaged. Nupura and Janhavi were in the 3rd year of college pursuing product designing. They felt that it was an interesting problem to solve. And started working on it as a simple project assignment. The idea was so ingenious that their college professors insisted that they take it up as the main assignment in the final year too.   

The product was tested on the same dancers. Jahanvi confesses that they were scared, but the dancer’s reaction changed everything for them. What started as an idea for project assignment soon became the bedrock for their founding company, BleeTech Innovations. 

Talking about the challenges the two young women have had to overcome, Nupura says that they did not have any knowledge of managing a business. They have learnt it all on the job. She admits that they were nervous after their first hire. Being accountable for someone’s salary sent shivers down their spine. But, over time, the team has grown from strength to strength. They have learnt the art of delegating work, managing teams and developing a strategy for the future growth of their company. 

Nupura and Jahanvi went to the same college and graduated together. They were roommates. So, becoming the co-founders of a company seems like a natural progression to them. They believe that the secret to their success is their collaborative efforts and the fact that they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

BleeTech Innovations has come up with many products that have drastically improved the quality of life for its users. Take, for example, their first product, a smartwatch. It is a revolutionary watch which listens for you. The watch has an in-built sound detection mechanism. It stores the sound, and when it is played again, the clock guides its user accordingly. 

Another example of their innovative thinking is AskBlee which serves as a search engine for the deaf. The users can get their answers in sign language. The platform has over 500 active subscribers. Together, the young innovators have designed around 30 products. 

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When you’ve acquired the necessary knowledge, you can apply it creatively to design different types of products. Who says science and women don’t mix? The field is full of shining examples like Nupura and Janhavi, and we could do with many more young women shaping the science and technology sector.

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