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A Day in the Life of a Beauty Advisor

Beauty Advisor Job

Do you love make up and hold a passion for cosmetics in your heart? Are you also good at convincing people to buy and try a certain product? Then, the job of a beauty advisor is for you! To know exactly what this job entails, get online career guidance from the Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation).


The whole idea of making a woman look extraordinary by using good quality cosmetics applied in the right way on the face is nothing less than an art form. It requires an immense amount of passion, patience, and the skill to enhance someone’s looks. Women do have an innate interest in makeup. In addition to this, if they also have the skills of a salesperson, then they must definitely explore the job of a beauty advisor! For a great start to this career, take the online course on beauty and wellness on the Glow & Lovely Careers.


To understand in detail about the various duties of beauty advisor, we spoke to Chetna, who works as one for Lakme- a beauty brand. She has been working as a beauty advisor for the last 12 years and says that she enjoys her job thoroughly. Here are a few questions we asked her and the answers she had for the same:


Q1. What motivates you to do the job of a beauty advisor/ consultant?


Ans: As a beauty advisor, what gives me maximum satisfaction is the fact that I am able to bring joy to my customers. When they buy cosmetics from me and use it and come back with a good feedback, it gives me immense amount of job satisfaction. In addition to this, the job a beauty consultant benefits me on a personal level as well. Each time I interact with a new customer, I get to keep adding to my knowledge bank about cosmetic products and makeup. Each customer asks me a different question, and this helps me learn more. Constant interaction with different types of customers helps me improve my ability to make sales, and on a larger scale, it also helps me behave better in society and to handle different people accordingly. To improve my communication skills, I took an online course on communication skills, which helped me with the same in a big way.


Q2. What is a typical day for you like?


Ans: I begin the day with cleaning the counter at the store and organizing the products and other things. Once my counter gets organized, I go ahead and complete all the paperwork that is to be done for the day. And, before the customers begin to flow in I check the available stock of products and compare it with the list that was made the previous day. Once the customers start coming in, I start showing them the cosmetics and makeup products and I also do makeup for those who ask for it.


Q3. How do you decide what product to suggest to a customer?


Ans: At our company, we have been given ample training about what product to suggest to what customer, in terms of their skin type and face structure as well. We have been trained adequately to be able to assess the skin type and complexion of a person and give cosmetics and makeup products that would help enhance her beauty and not harm her skin. This training has helped us a lot with our career development. I also give my customers makeup tips based on their face structures. The 12 years of experience that I have in this field also helps me give appropriate advice to my customers.


Q4. How do you feel your service is benefitting the customer and the company at large?


Ans: I make sure that I always give my customers a little more than what they have come to my store for. In addition to recommending suitable products to the customers, I also give them makeup tips. I always stay ready to answer their queries, and this makes the customer want to come back and shop with me again. I always ask them for feedback so that I am able to improve my work and body language. In case the customer does not like a certain product, then I try to understand from her what the issue was and suggest a better product. I have received appreciation and rewards from my company for the hard work I have done.


Q5. What do you feel are the basic skills a beauty advisor should have?


Ans: A beauty advisor should ideally have good product knowledge and sales skills. She should keep updating herself with the latest cosmetic and makeup products that arrive in the market. She should also develop qualities like patience, curiosity to learn more and the ability to explain things in a lucid manner to the customers. She should come across to her customers in a pleasing way so that she wins their trust and have them come back to your store again.


Q6. What are the challenges faced by you at work?


Ans: Winning over the competition is a challenge that I face. There are cosmetic stores of various beauty brands near my store and it’s a challenge for me and my colleagues to drive in more customers into my store as compared to the rest.


From the conversation we had with Chetna, it is evident that for anyone who has a passion for sales and the beauty business, the job of a beauty advisor/ consultant is ideal. It is a job that gives a lot of satisfaction and also is very enjoyable. The Glow & Lovely Careers provides you the platform to explore job opportunities for that of a beauty advisor. Make sure you utilize the various free services provided by the Glow & Lovely Careers so that you be able to do proper career planning and have great career growth.