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A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

A day in the life of a graphic designer

If you are someone who loves to convert ideas into beautiful designs, then the job of a graphic designer is for you! A graphic designer needs to have an eye for aesthetic design, a flair for colour and a solid understanding of the subject given to her to work on. If you are good at these things, then the job a graphic designer can be a very lucrative one. You will also have the liberty to easily do freelance work from anywhere you are comfortable at.

To understand in detail about what a graphic designer’s job entails, we spoke to Priyanka, who works as a graphic designer at Capillary Technologies. The company works for scores of clients and each from a different industry type. She finds the work quite challenging and exciting at the same time. Read on to know what her job demands on a daily basis.

A day in the life of a graphic designer

What is interesting about the job of a graphic designer?


Priyanka says that she has always loved art and designs. She has a peculiar point of view and has the ability to visualize things differently. She has been passionate about painting and sketching right from the young age and this inborn talent has helped her nurture the designer inside. At Capillary, Priyanka works for clients belonging to various industry types and this gives her immense exposure. She gets the opportunity to create designs set in a variety of backdrops and this nourishes her creativity. 

What does a typical day in a graphic designer’s life look like?

Graphic designers have to work closely with other individuals involved in the project, including the content creators, photographers, sales personnel and more. Creating designs using specific software is time-consuming, while it is extremely interesting as well. It is said that graphic designers work for an average of 37 hours a week. Upon trying to understand in greater detail about the job, Priyanka described a typical day in her life to be as follows:

1.Her typical day starts with planning work for the entire day. She makes a list of how many creative designs to work on per client. Every client would give specific guidelines on what kind of creative design it expects. Sometimes, an idea is all that is given, It is up to Priyanka to ideate and come up with something.

2. Post receiving the requirement from the client, she researches on the topic a little to get a soild understanding of the same. For inspiration, she looks at various websites and refers to different designs that are made on the same or similar themes. Along with the ideas she draws from external websites, combined with her own, she comes up with new designs.

3. The next step after research is conceptualization. Based on the topic the client provides, she creates her own idea and comes up with a creative concept.

4. Priyanka designs varied types of creatives including simple social media posts, brochures, e-mailers, hoardings, fliers, banners, visiting cards, infographics and more. Based on the requirement, she creates any one or more of these.

5.Once the concept gets approved, she now gets into actually creating the design. For this, she takes the help of efficient software tools. Some of these tools she uses are Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Indesign, etc.

This is what a typical day looks like in the life of a graphic designer. Like any other job, this one could also get a little hectic on certain days. But Priyanka says that it is the job satisfaction of creating a good design and the appreciation that follows that drives her to do better work each time.

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