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A Day in the Life of Makeup Artist, Natasha Mathias

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If you have a deep love for makeup products and enjoy getting creative with the eyeliner and the lip brush, you may have what it takes to become a successful makeup artist. You can gain a basic understanding of makeup with our Assistant Beauty Therapy Introductory Course. The course also covers other areas of beauty care like skin and hair treatments. It is ideal for anyone who wants to start a career in beauty.

Now, there are two types of job opportunities for makeup artists. You can work as an independent artist or become a specialized makeup artist for films/theatre. As an independent artist, you will have to work with different clients as per their style and preference. Film makeup artists have to design a look for the actors as per the story and characterization in the script. There is a huge demand for talented makeup artists in both these areas.  

To help you get an insider’s view of the industry, we caught up with Natasha Mathias, a makeup artist. In this exclusive interview, Natasha tells us she was training for the IIT entrance exams! Luckily makeup found her. Read on to know her incredible journey and advice for aspiring makeup artists. How did this A+ student learn to score the perfect look? And what does she do to stay inspired in these highly competitive times?

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a makeup artist?

I think that a makeup artist should be able to adapt quickly to any situation, no two clients are the same. Each client has a different need and expectations. Some people like to experiment but some like to stay safe. So, as a makeup artist, you should be able to understand what your client wants. You cannot get too creative with a client who is clearly uncomfortable with it.  

How do you stay updated with the latest trends in makeup?

Updating myself with the latest makeup trends is fun for me. I love researching online, reading fashion magazines, following all the fashion weeks around the world. I also use Instagram to follow some of the best international makeup artists.

How do you deal with tough clients?

Every makeup artist has their style and makeup process. Usually, clients hire you because they like your style. Before I start the makeup, I make it a point to understand what my client wants clearly. But if they were unhappy with the look even then, I’d ask them what they don’t like about it and try and fix it for them. Communication is very important.

Which is your favorite celebrity makeup look?

Puneet Saini’s style is soo simplistic and fresh that I love all her makeup looks, especially when she works with Alia Bhatt, the fresh-faced no-makeup look.

Which makeup artists do you look up to?

I absolutely love Puneet Saini, she’s a brilliant artist.

How did you start your career as a makeup artist?

I loved makeup since childhood. I remember rushing to experiment with my mother’s makeup every time she left the house. But, being a teacher’s daughter, I was always expected to do something big, you know? I was that A+ student who hated studies but was still good at it. I was training for IIT and all the other competitive exams before I decided that I wanted to pursue Advertising. It was while I was doing my BMM that I realized that makeup could be a career option. I started assisting makeup artists and volunteering to do people’s makeup for college fashion shows and events. Before I knew it, I graduated BMM and joined a professional makeup course. After that, there was no looking back!

What made you pick makeup artist as a career choice?

I could say makeup is in my bones. I thoroughly enjoy it, and I didn’t have to think twice when the opportunity came my way.  

Where did you do your training?

I completed my training from the Fat MU Academy based in Mumbai. I want to say that young aspirants should not underestimate the importance of training. There are many good online makeup courses too.

What would you advise aspiring young girls who want to become makeup artists like you?

Just make sure you’re in love with what you do, there’s no stopping you then.

How would you define makeup?

For me, makeup is fun; it is a form of self-expression.