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Exploring Glow & Lovely Careers' Interest Test Helped Pragya Rai Make an Informed Choice for a Future in Civil Services

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When you are a young woman and looking to make your mark in society, coming to a decision about how to do it can be especially confusing. You might get a lot of suggestions from a lot of people and it can mean even more chaos. Sometimes your friends can suggest things that you might like in the first instance, but once you explore that option, you realize, it isn’t as suitable for you as it might have seemed. If you can relate to that sense of confusion and stress about your future as a contributing woman in society, you should take inspiration from the story of B.Com student Pragya Rai.

Pragya Rai hails from the city of Varanasi. As a college student, she decided to play it safe and seek a course that would enable her to have multiple options when it came to career opportunities. “I thought the whole reason to take B.Com was to see what interested me in college. Taking a generic course would allow me to understand what options I had for my future career and figure out what it is exactly that I might be good at.”

In her conversation with friends, she realized there was a lot of different information about career opportunities. It was confusing and sometimes she realized that there was a lot of unintentional misinformation too. She had felt that it was a repeat of the same experience she had had in high school as well. Pragya says, “When I was in high school I was very confused if the things I wanted to do would be right for me. It is very difficult to get career counseling or, say, good guidance, for free in my city.”

Luckily for Pragya, she decided to take the search for help online. She looked for free online career counseling options and even free career tests online. Eventually, she stumbled on to the Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) career test online.

“The test was free, quick and easy to take.”, says Pragya.

Even while she was struggling with coming to a firm decision about her future career, Pragya knew that she wanted to make a difference. Her determination might not have had a concrete direction, but she had a gut instinct about her ambitions. Her free online career guidance test results showed her the right course of action. “The results reassured me that civil services would be the right career for me. It gave me the much-needed confidence to pursue my dream.” With the clarity that was previously missing, Pragya is now busy in college, completing her B.Com course on one hand and preparing wholeheartedly for a career in civil services on the other.

Pragya’s story shows us the power of curiosity. As a young woman in the world, it is important to explore. It helps you better understand what you actually want to do. It also helps you explore opportunities that you might be unaware of. In Pragya’s instance, she took a chance and searched for career guidance online and it led her to discover Glow and Lovely Careers’ (formerly known as Fair and Lovely Career Foundation) interest-based test and psychometric test for career planning. So, if you are someone who is also in need of career guidance, take this opportunity and head to the Glow and Lovely Careers website for more information to decide on your long-term career choices.