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This Free Online Course Will Introduce You to a Career in Public Administration

career in public administration

If you are interested in a career in public administration, you first need to understand the nature and scope of it. Public administration is the application of government policies. So, a public administrator is a public servant who works in a public department or agency. These departments exist across all levels of government.

In India, public administration plays a very important role in the functioning of the country. It is the default tool for governance in the country. It also is the way we ensure the social and cultural development of the country.

Before the independence of India, ICS (Indian Civil Services) posts were held only by men. In 1972 gender equality was introduced in public administration but the number of women in administration has not been a fair representation of the educated and qualified women in the country. Studies point to three key reasons for the underrepresentation of women in administration - personal factors, organizational factors, and cultural factors. While more jobs in public administration have increased the possibility of more women in the administrative workforce, women enjoy only 12 percent representation in the country’s administration.

In recent years the trend has shifted as more women are becoming part of public administration. The shift in society’s thinking towards working women has been a major factor. Additional government support and benefits for women in public administration have resulted in a lot of women achievers in the field we admire. Women like Ira Singhal (Indian Revenue Service), Dr. Ruveda Salam (Assistant Commissioner of Police), and Kiran Bedi (India’s first Indian Administrative Services officer) are inspirational figures who have set a path to follow.

To pursue a career in public administration, you must first find courses on an administration that can help you prepare for common entrance tests. Since it’s a very competitive field, you will need to be properly prepared to achieve your goal. An easy first step would be to take an introductory course online, like the free Introduction to Public Administration course (click here) offered by the Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation).

The benefit of taking up this course is that not only is it free, it is also very simple to understand and takes you through the basics of public administration so you are completely clear about the nature and scope of public administration. This course will not only set you up with a solid foundation for the entrance exams, but it will also prepare you mentally for the tough preparation you need to make for the exams, and ultimately achieving your dreams.