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Free Online Courses with Certification For Stay At Home Moms

Free Online Courses with Certification

 Fortunately, we live in a time where learning can be done from the comfort of home. So if you’re looking to start working again or want to improve your skills? Online courses are the way to go.

Doing an online certificate course also shows that you are taking steps to get better at something you like.

In the pandemic, online courses have become even more popular. So there are many options available. To make things easier, we have listed the top 9 free online courses that stay-at-home moms can apply for.

  1. Take Up A Creative Writing Course

A creative content writing course is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills. Once you get into the habit of writing, you can slowly try making a profession out of it.

An online writing course provides opportunities to learn good English. You will be given writing activities that uncover the passion you have for writing. Some of the lessons involve learning grammar, punctuation, and different writing styles.

After understanding the basics of writing, you can apply for jobs related to content writing, proofreading (editing) or copywriting

 You get to see your words used in magazines and websites! These types of jobs also don’t have a strict working schedule. This is a bonus if you like to plan your own working hours.

  1. Develop Your Communication Skills

Everyone feels slightly nervous about presenting confidently in the office, especially if there’s been a gap in work. This is why it’s necessary to brush up on speaking skills and more by taking up a communication skills course.

With each class, you gain confidence to keep a conversation interesting and get the right points across to colleagues.

Communication courses will teach you to find the right words to say and take control of a conversation. If you are interested in jobs linked to sales, media, or even teaching, you should definitely take communication skills courses.

Most of these online courses also give importance to non-verbal communication skills. You get to practice maintaining eye contact and posture when you speak. All of these are equally important for good communication.

  1. Learn To Use Excel For Book Keeping And Accounting

Do you love keeping a budget, tracking your income and expenses at home? Then you may have a passion for accounting. So why not take up a course on it to understand the basics of accounting?

The knowledge you gain from such an online course can help when you land well-paying jobs in the finance industry.

Microsoft Excel is a very useful tool for roles like professional accountants, where you have to look at data and make a financial strategy. This is why we also suggest taking an Excel course to know the proper use of it.

Once you learn Excel, you will be able to do quick calculations and organize the numbers in neat spreadsheets.

  1. Do A Preschool Teacher Training Course

Would you enjoy being a teacher to children in the age group of 2 to 6? Then we suggest that you do an online Preschool Teacher Training course. Teaching nursery kids is interesting because you get to make a huge impact on their lives.

Besides taking a training course, you can also apply for short tutorials that help teachers to make lesson plans. Once you have the certificates, you will have more value in the job market. After that, you can apply to different preschools for a teaching job. There are several websites, like WONK, where you can work as an online teacher too and earn a good salary.

Teaching is a rewarding profession and if you are interested in it, we highly suggest registering for several free teaching courses online. When you attend good quality courses, your teaching qualities increase too.

  1. Online Personality Development Course

Like we said when there’s a gap in employment, it takes effort to get outside your comfort zone. This is when many people take up online personality development courses.

Personality Development courses prepare you for speaking in interviews and sharing your thoughts in groups.

You also learn basic etiquette (manners) and tone of voice to use when you write emails or make phone calls. Knowing these small things can make a huge difference in the workplace.

  1. Pursue A Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing courses are in demand because technology is now present everywhere. 

When a new brand opens, the owners want the products to be visible to their potential customers. For this to happen, a lot of work goes into making a brand’s potential visible on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

If you would like to be part of the team that builds brand awareness for a company, you should pursue a digital marketing course.

The things you learn from a digital marketing course will also help you get ideas for when you feel like running your own business. Overall, digital marketing is a vast field and there are various interesting job profiles you can consider.

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  1. Beautician Course

Have you always wanted to work at a beauty salon, spa, or clinic but never felt qualified enough? Then try a beauty therapy course to learn the basics of managing a salon and its jobs. You can take lessons on nail art, haircutting techniques, makeup, skincare, and more.

The beauty of such courses is that you also get to meet other passionate people who also love the beauty industry. 

There are many self-taught makeup artists in India. But if you have a certificate from an online course, you are at an advantage. You will have a better chance of getting work.

  1. Basics Of Marketing

Most big companies always give plenty of value to the marketing department. This is because the marketers take the responsibility to educate interested customers about the products. Without marketing employees, a company can even fail.

The job of a marketer is to also generate leads (interested customers) for the salespeople. Now, this is not an easy task unless you have some knowledge about it. 

In a Marketing course, you will learn strategies used by companies to gain leads, manage them and bring profit to the company. If you are interested in marketing, take a free online course that introduces you to its basics.

  1. Human Resources Certification Course

Human Resources is one of the many departments in a company. This group is usually always searching for new employees to fill open job positions. Their role involves finding the right candidate for the company and having an eye for detail.

A person working in HR studies different profiles and sorts through resumes to find that one talented person who can become a part of the company.

This is a very interesting job for many and the scope here is endless. You manage various administrative tasks for the company and you get to interact with new faces.

You also get to welcome new team members and organize fun activities for the company. If you would like to learn more about this field, consider taking up a free HR course online.

Additional Free Online Courses To Consider

Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Free Online Course

  1. Choose the course that you like - Take up courses that match your interest. If you have a passion for writing or being a beautician, then choose courses that will improve the skills you already have.


  1. See the earning potential - You can do a few courses for fun and refresh your mind. But also check if that course can help you get a good-paying job when you add it to your resume.


  1. Set a schedule to attend the courses - Don’t just attend the lessons because they are free. Dedicate a time when you can concentrate on the class. Fit your online class during a time when you are less busy.


  1. Closely read the overview of the course - At the time of selecting a course, understand the topics being covered. This way you will have a rough idea of what you will be learning in the course.


Our list has most of the possible online courses you can attend for free at Glow & Lovely Careers. Just because you are a stay at home mom, you do not have to give up on your dreams for a successful career. All you need is to take out some time to register for it and have Internet access. We wish you good luck!


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  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Excel For Accounting
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