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Have you ever heard of poetry using numbers and Maths? Meet Parimala Raman…one of the world’s greatest Mathematicians

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Due to the progress in science and technology over the past few years, STEM subjects are back to being popular career options for many. STEM is a short form for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Mathematics is considered an essential part of STEM.  But so many students grow up being scared of Mathematics. Numbers frighten them. But not Parimala Raman. She loves maths!

She is so in love with Maths that she gave up her other passion – a degree in literature and poetry. She decided to go for a degree in mathematics instead. Today she is known throughout the world for her contributions to the field of Maths.

In fact, as an acknowledgement of her contribution to Mathematics, the Indian government recently announced a project in Parimala’s honour. With one crore funds available for the project!

And this is just one of the many achievements that Parimala Raman has to her credit. She is also….

  • Professor of Mathematics at Emory University
  • Well known for her solution Serre conjecture – considered to be
  • Honorary Doctorate from Switzerland’s Lausanne  University – considered to be one of the best Universities in the world  
  • Professor at the prestigious Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  • Jury member for the Infosys Prize on Mathematics and Science - a significant achievement as jury members have included international as well as national achievers such as Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen
  • Speaker at the International Congress!
  • And has a long list of national and international awards to her credit – for her contribution in Mathematics
  • Parimala is globally known for her expertise in Mathematics. Mathematicians the world over call her ‘supreme and powerful algebraist.’

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But what makes Parimala really special is the barriers that she has broken…

When women mathematicians were rare, Parimala decided to pursue her dream career – by becoming a female mathematician.

Then she broke yet another barrier…Her husband decided to quit his job so Parimala could follow her passion.

Parimala’s husband was based in Tanzania. He was then posted as the Chief internal auditor of the Board of Internal Trade. After getting married, Parimala shifted to Tanzania. But staying there would have meant waving goodbye to a career in mathematics.

This was when the husband-wife took a brave decision. Her husband decided to support his wife’s passion and quit his job. He was ready to go where she wanted to go. Parimala then took yet another brave decision – moving to a new country to follow her passion.  They both shifted to Switzerland – to help Parimala complete her research in Mathematics.

Parimala has broken many barriers linked with maths. A lot of people feel a career in numbers and calculations is not suitable for women.

But Parimala challenged this thought. She is an inspiration to any girl who feels she wants to take up mathematics but is unsure about it as a career option.

Firmly establishing that’s a woman can win the numbers game and mathematics can be a winning career.

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