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How can Online Tests Help you Prepare for Bank PO Exams?

How can Online Tests Help you Prepare for Bank PO Exams?

The role of a Bank Probation Officer (Bank PO) is diverse. You will be trained in different verticals like accounting, finance, billing, investment, etc. Your daily work routine might be busy. During your service in this field, you will get several travel opportunities and you can discover various places in India. Also, as a bank PO, you will be paid quite handsomely and you can expect opportunities for rapid growth as the banking sector across India expands. The nature of work of a Bank PO makes the job highly sought after by women as work conditions are better than for many other kinds of jobs.

Every year, lakhs of applicants appear for bank PO exams to make their career in the banking sector. But only a few deserving candidates get selected. What do you think is the reason for only a limited number of candidates getting shortlisted? It is all about preparation strategies that a person follows in order to crack these exams.

These strategies include developing a very good speed and solving all types of questions in a fixed time duration. Were you aware that this depends on the level of preparation? While one can prepare for bank PO exams by taking coaching classes or buying guide books, another way is preparing through online tests, which are  cheaper and offer more personalized feedback than coaching classes do. 

If you are planning to sit for bank PO exams and are looking for the right way to prepare, this is how mock online tests will help you:

  1. Improve Speed and Time Management

While coaching classes give you a thorough knowledge about the syllabus covered in the test, it is also necessary to test your learning and speed which can only be done through mock tests. Since these exams consider the three main factors- accuracy, speed and time management, you should keep practicing through mock tests online. This practice will ensure you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions in the specified time.  

  1. Get a Real-Time Exposure and Experience

Online mock tests are based on the latest pattern and syllabus to give you a real-time experience. They have features like a timer, test guidelines, marks, questions, and all the sections. The format of the mock online test gives you exposure to how the actual test will look. The first part of the Bank PO exams, the preliminary exam, has three sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Verbal Ability. The second part is the mains which includes 5 sections- General Awareness, Computer Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Verbal Ability. 

  1. Practice for Various Bank Exams

Every year, both government (e.g. SBI) and private banks  (e.g. ICICI) conduct bank PO exams to hire young officers. The test patterns may differ from bank to bank. Mock online tests offer you all the possible patterns that you might come across. While the actual test will not necessarily contain the same questions, the mock tests will give you a good idea of how a particular bank’s exam will look.

  1. Get a Detailed Analysis of your Performance

Once you have completed a mock online test, you can view the results in a detailed page along with scores for each section and detailed analysis. This helps you to know your weak areas and where you can make an improvement. You can then focus on your weak spots and save time on sections where you are strong.

If you are already taking coaching classes and learning from books, online preparation tests  can help you polish your skills, increase your confidence, and improve your chances of scoring higher.  

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