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How Our Interest-Based Career Test Works

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A Career Assessment test  or Career Test for short, is a popular method of exploring various career options based on an individual’s interests. However, many people confuse it with a shortcut to finding the exact career path which can lead to nothing but disappointment. Career tests are effective in suggesting careers that match with the interests and skills of a person. If you are confused and looking for suitable career options, we suggest you try a career test online.  

Interest-Based Online Career Test at Glow & Lovely Careers

At Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation), we offer you a short career test online which is specially designed with the purpose of helping you choose from a range of interesting dream career options that you might want to pursue. Here is how this online test is different and can guide you in the right direction:  

  • It is a quick 8-10 minutes career test online which matches your interests to various career options available
  • It is based on psychologist John L. Holland's theory of personality types
  • Once you complete the test, it displays a list of the top 3 industries (out of a total of 10) that you can evaluate
  • There is no eligibility criteria to take the test 

How Does It Work?

The test is easy and anyone can take it. To get started, here are the steps that you need to follow:

1.   Register on Glow & Lovely Careers with your Facebook/Google account or sign up with your email

Online career test

2.   Go to the Home Page or Career Test section of the Website and start the test from there

3.   You will be presented with  20 multiple-choice questions - try to answer these as honestly as possible

4.   Based on your responses, you will get instant recommendations on the 3 industries that are best for you

5.   You will also get a detailed Career Test report in a PDF format (will apper in My Career Manager)

6.   Download and view your report  to know what areas you should consider while career planning based on your personality type

7.    You can read more about what you need to study to become eligible for different types of jobs in the Career Options section of the Website

Take Me to the Online Career Test

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