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How Psychometric Tests Help Your Career

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Psychometric tests are used by recruiters to assess the intelligence, skills and personality of the candidate. Many industries today use such tests for short listing candidates including banking and IT services. This is a very important test as far as the recruitment process is concerned as this is the first test you will need to clear in order to get a job interview. These tests are usually designed in a way so as to perfectly analyse your ability to grasp new information and process it, adapt and work in a team and handle the pressure and stress involved in a job. Hence, before you go for an actual psychometric test, it is highly recommended that you take the free psychometric test available online on the Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) website. This test is prepared by experts and will give you a very clear understanding of what you can expect at the actual test. The results of this psychometric test will also give you online career guidance, and tell you what career would give you job satisfaction.  


How will the free psychometric test from Glow & Lovely Careers help you?

The online free psychometric test conducted by the Glow & Lovely Careers is a 90 minute test, at the end of which you will get a personalized 16-page unique Career Report with recommendations of 7-8 top careers out of 21 career clusters. This test is a great career assessment tool which helps you understand your skills and interests, and make informed decisions about the future. It also helps you in the following ways:

1.       Understanding your abilities, personal characteristics, interests and preferences

2.       Identifying career options that are consistent with your personal profile

3.       Directing your career exploration and planning, based on informed and accurate results

4.       Charting out an action plan to advance your career goals

5.       Gaining extensive insights about different careers


What are the topics included in psychometric tests?

The topics or sections that are included in the free online psychometric test on Glow & Lovely Careers are meant to measure your capability to perform at the job, your general aptitude and how you will perform under stress. In order to understand these aspects, you will have the following sections for the test:

Section 1 - Aptitude test

This will include a number of topics including numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test, logical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test, etc. which will test the candidate’s specific skill sets. These are extremely important as this will give the recruiter an idea of what is the grasping ability of the candidate. Some of the questions are strategy-based and you will have to be fast and sharp while answering them. Again, the types of questions will depend upon the specific job you are applying for. A lot of practice is required before you can ace this aptitude test. Use the free psychometric test on Glow & Lovely Careers in order to make sure that you crack this test during the actual recruitment process.

Section 2 - Interest Assessment Test

This section of the test aims to understand your key interest areas and activities that you enjoy doing the most. The interest assessment test requires you to give the first response that comes into your mind, spontaneously, without spending a lot of time thinking about it. This will help you to get a precise understanding of what job will interest you the most.

Section  3 - Personality Assessment test

This section consists of questions that aim at finding out the kind of individual you are. Every individual is different, and the kind of job each one can excel in is different. If you end up in a job that is not aligned with the person that you are and the ideals you follow, you will surely end up disliking the job and underperforming in it. Hence, it is important that you take this free online test and analyse yourself first. The personality tests allow the recruiter to evaluate the way in which you would be approaching your work and how well you will fit into the culture of the organization.

A combination of all these aforementioned sections will help the recruiter understand your knowledge, experience and aptitude in various areas.

Why are psychometric tests conducted by recruiters?

There are various reasons why these are conducted by companies looking to hire employees. Some of them are:

1.They make the recruitment process smoother as these tests speak a lot about the candidate’s personality, interests and aptitude.

2.These are objective and impersonal, and allows the candidates to be judged without any human bias.

3.They are proven to be reliable indicators of the person’s performance at the job.

Hence, this test will help you recognize your potential and understand what your strengths really are.  You will understand the areas that actually need effort from your side. Hence, it is very essential that you take the psychometric tests online before you head out to the real world, so that you can have better clarity as to what your future should look like.