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Successful Story of Influencer Sakshi Shivdasani

Career Guidance

Sakshi Shivdasani is an influencer and content creator on Social Media. She has her own channel/page on Instagram and YouTube on which she has many followers.  

She regularly posts pictures and short videos on her platforms. These are generally funny and based on day-to-day life which makes it easy for her followers to understand and like.  

So what exactly are Social Media Influencer and Digital Content Creator?

 An influencer, as the name suggests, influences people. They are able to convince their audience/followers to follow a brand, buy a product or take a certain decision.

Social Media Influencers have a huge fan following on one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc. These influencers put posts about different topics and interact with their followers through their social media platform.

A creator, as the name suggests, creates content, mostly for digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Their job is to create digital content and contribute information based on their expertise and experience.

The content could be in the form of videos, audios, written blogs, product reviews, podcasts, visual stories, images, game streaming, glimpse from day to day life etc..

An influencer could be a content creator as well but a content creator need not be an influencer.

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Can it be a good career option?

Yes, both these are new upcoming career options. They give you a good chance to combine creativity with technology. And if your posts are liked by the masses, you can even earn from it just like Sakshi!

Let’s see how..

Sakshi has a degree in Finance but she wanted to try different career options. She modeled for different advertisements, worked with different fashion designers, participated in various Beauty Pageants and also worked with a finance company.

In the meantime, she used to post funny pictures on social media which people started to like. Finally during the lockdown last year, she started to create content of her own for Instagram and YouTube. This turned out to be very successful.

Instagram it is!

When Instagram added the ‘Reels’ feature, Sakshi’s fame exploded. She used to post short videos on Instagram. The ‘Reels’ feature gave her all the editing options she needed to edit her videos. She started to post regularly and today, Sakshi Shivdasani is a name that every active Instagrammer knows well.

Sakshi is currently in early 20’s but has already achieved something big:

  • More than 3 lakhs followers on Instagram
  • Around 57.6K subscribers on YouTube  
  • Between 7.6 Million to 100 hundred thousand views on her Instagram reels
  • Her overall income in the past few years is estimated to be worth lakhs

Do keep in mind that starting something and achieving success isn’t an instant thing...it takes a lot of hard work, patience and time!  The numbers you see above are not achieved overnight!

With determination and proper career guidance, you can gain success. There are many free online courses to help you on your journey to success.

Here are some pro-tips from Sakshi to become an influencer and creator:

  • Your platform is your primary workplace so choose carefully
  • Know what works
  • Build a community
  • Know your audience
  • Keep up with trends
  • Know what’s expected of you
  • Keep your content fresh
  • Give it time; you will understand these things better as your community grows.

Scope for women…

Being a Social Media Influencer or Creator is a great option for women and girls alike. It doesn’t require you to go to an office or any specific time slot. You can post your content sitting anywhere in the world. It only requires access to a smartphone or computer and internet. Therefore, it allows you to have flexible working hours. This also means that it is a fantastic work from home option.

There is no specific age limit to start a career on social media. And also it doesn’t require any degree or any specific qualification. You can start anytime. Just select the topic of your interest and start posting! This makes it a brilliant career option for women who had taken a break in their career for reasons such as marriage, pregnancy, moving to a different location with family, health issues or just want to try something new. This is a great option to restart or start afresh.

Along with the flexibility of time and place, this also gives you the flexibility of language. Technology has made it possible to reach even remote locations with the use of internet. This means that you can even post content in your local language or any language you like.

There are many girls like Sakshi who are bold and have dared to select a new career path and became successful. To read more inspirational stories of girls from different professions, click here.