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Inspiring 3 Social Entrepreneurs In India

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We all wish to be independent. It feels nice to have our own money. We can then spend it on what we like. We can buy things for ourselves as well as for our parents, family, and friends. This makes us feel good.

Many people have similar dreams – of doing something good for themselves and their family. And then, there are those who think beyond themselves. They think of the whole society. They take efforts so that whatever they do, it benefits the entire society.  

Today we will share with you 3 such inspiring stories of social entrepreneurs.  But before we share that, let us look at the meaning of social entrepreneurs.

What does being a social entrepreneur mean?

A social entrepreneur builds a business that is for the benefit of society. It solves the problems of the society and improves the overall standard of living of the common man.

Here are 3 such success stories of social entrepreneurs

  1. Aditi Gupta, Co-Founder of Menstrupedia      


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There is a lot of awkwardness associated with menstruation or 'periods' as it is commonly called. Many consider it to be impure and are unwilling to discuss it.  This results in a lack of knowledge.

 This is harmful for young girls.

It is therefore necessary to educate young girls about menstruation. Teach them about hygiene. Explain to them the changes in their body. Educate them on how to be confident, responsible young girls.

Aditi had similar thoughts. That is why she started Menstrupedia.  It aims to teach young girls about menstruation through comic strips. These comic strips are intelligent and simple to understand.

So powerful was Aditi's venture that in less than 10 years, more than 10 thousand schools have made use of Menstrupedia to help young girls understand menstruation.

  1.  Abhilasha Purwar, founder of Blue Sky Analytics

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An IIT graduate. Post-graduation from Yale University in the US on a full scholarship. Rock climber. Certified Yoga practitioner. And a start-up founder whose focus is how to make the environment better.

There are so many things to know about Abhilasha! 

Abhilasha completed her graduation in Applied Physics from IIT Bhubaneshwar. At that time,  IIT graduates, as young as 22 years old, were offered salaries worth 18 lakh. Abhilasha, however, wanted to use her education to give back to society. She decided to work with Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab on an air pollution monitoring project. That was her first brush with an environmental project.

After completing her post-graduation, Abhilasha set up Blue Sky Analytics. It makes use of Artificial intelligence and satellites to provide data. This data can be used to manage climate change and monitor pollution levels. 

Abhilasha could have taken any job that she wanted and demanded a very lucrative salary. Abhilasha instead decided to focus on what she could do for her country and the world.

Abhilasha is really an inspiration for young girls today!

  1. Sairee Chahal

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Women are as talented as men. However, there are additional responsibilities that women need to handle.

After marriage and kids, many women choose to stay at home. They look for job opportunities that allow flexible working hours. This helps them get time to take care of their home and kids. Keeping this need in mind, Sairee started Sheroes.  It offers women a platform to connect, seek career guidance, employment opportunities, and so on…

It also helps identify work from home job opportunities for women. If you wish to look for exciting jobs and work from home options for women, click here!