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Inspiring Story of Mehak Sagar

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How A Young Woman Converted A Problem She Faced Into A New Career!

Mehak Sagar is a postgraduate from the Delhi School of Economics. After she completed her studies, she worked for a financial services company American Express in Gurgaon. But she also had a creative side that loved everything about the beauty and fashion industry.

To explore this passion, she started her blog called Peaches & Blush. This was just the beginning of Mehak's journey to changing her career path completely.

Facing Challenges While Planning Her Own Wedding Was The Foundation For Her Success Later

Peaches & Blush was a beauty and fashion blog that Mehak did as a hobby. She wrote content on her blog alongside her job as a data modeller at American Express.

At that time, she had no plans of having her own wedding planning company. She was at a stage in life where she was planning her own wedding and was new to the city of Hyderabad.

She had a very difficult time finding a wedding venue, photographer, or makeup artist in the city. She wrote about all the difficulties she faced to plan her wedding in a new city on her blog.

She Converted The Problem Into An Opportunity

Many people started reading it, and she got a huge following on her blog for this story. This got her thinking. She researched on the internet and found that there are very few online platforms in India that help brides plan their weddings.

Where many people would find a problem, Mehak found a business opportunity! She decided to create a company that helps anyone getting married find photographers, venues, makeup artists, cakes, wedding entertainment, and much more with ease.

When Mehak started WedMeGood, she left her full-time job and didn't have sufficient knowledge about how to run a company.

She had to learn everything about social media and digital marketing so that she could run her company. This was a completely new field for her, but she learned everything from the ground level.

The Start Was Difficult, But Soon She Saw Success

In the beginning, Mehak struggled with understanding technology. But after a few years, she built her tech team that helps with keeping her website up and running. She started the company in 2014, and every year she learned something new.

Today, her 8-year-old company is no longer just a startup. WedMeGood has an app with more than 1 million users who have downloaded and used the app. Her website is also one of the leading websites on which Indians go to plan their beautiful weddings.

Mehak's company makes sure that Indian brides no longer have to struggle to plan their weddings. Her beautiful creation, WedMeGood, is a true gift to anyone planning a wedding all because she believed in her idea!

Mehak was an economics student who decided to try succeeding in another field. It is quite natural to be nervous when one does not have enough professional knowledge or experience. But Mehak did not let that affect her. Instead, she decided to convert a challenge into an opportunity and learn something new.

Today there are many girls like Mehak who wish to do something different and seek knowledge in a field that is different from their graduation or post graduation. There are many free online courses for such girls. These courses help them learn different things in addition to what they have studied in their college.

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