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Inspiring Story of Taskeen Fatima A Software Engineer

Online Courses

She is not just a YouTuber but there are so many other things to her credit! She bought her own house at 25, and is already a savvy investor – investing in mutual funds, stock market and so much more. 

Taskeen Fatima is a software engineer by profession and the founder of Urban Fight, a YouTube channel. Her channel answers questions regarding career, healthy living and finance to an audience of nearly 3 million people. 

She creates simple videos on how to answer interview questions, spoken English tutorials and advice on how to manage your money. She is especially recognised for her financial and healthy lifestyle videos as they really stand out. Her videos also help several women to take their careers and finances in their own hands.

How Taskeen Started Her YouTube Channel?

When Taskeen worked as a software engineer she led a very hectic lifestyle and it turned out to be very unhealthy too. When deadlines had to be met, she skipped meals and worked late hours. The corporate life didn’t let her have a work-life balance.

She started her YouTube channel to provide knowledge to others about how to eat and live healthy. Taskeen also wanted to make sure she’s putting relevant information about health on the internet. This is why she registered for courses by certified doctors, attended Zumba dance classes to be an instructor and got certifications from a nutritionist coach. That’s how her journey started.

From healthy lifestyle videos, she also moved into making finance related videos to help her audience learn to manage their income and grow it smartly.

Nowadays when a regular job is unexciting and promotes a lifestyle with no work and home balance, one can think of doing free short certificate courses on the side. Doing free online courses on the side helps to follow an alternate career path like Taskeen.

Beyond A 9 To 5 Job

Taskeen went beyond her 9 to 5 job role as a professional software engineer. She believes that a job is great for regular income. Jobs even help improve interpersonal skills and allow individuals to get professional credibility. But more importantly, she is an inspiration to teach women and men how to grow beyond the 9 to 5 job. Her videos also show her audience to use the money they earn by making smart investment choices.

She has also made videos on how she bought her own house at the age of 25 by managing her finances well enough. Her finance videos encourage women to be financially independent so that they have the freedom to decide what they wish to do with their own money. When women earn a salary for themselves they have more freedom and don’t have to be dependent on their husbands or parents.

Her journey is an inspiration to male and female viewers to take an interest in taking care of finances because it is not something that is taught in the school curriculum but can be learned online.