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Inspiring Success Story of Anie Siva - Glow & lovely Careers

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A single mother. Sole earning member of the family. And now a Sub Inspector! Here is the inspiring story of a girl who is now a Sub-inspector in the same area she used to sell lemonade as a young girl to make some money!

True belief and power come from within. When what you wish comes from the heart, there is an unbreakable determination.

Sometimes determination comes in the form of opposition or responsibility. And it solely depends upon how you bounce back. Sub Inspector Anie Siva’s life has been nothing different from a rollercoaster. 

Creating from Zero

At the young age of 18, Anie got married. Two years later, she was a single mother with a 6-month-old infant who had to start her life from nothing.

Anie was a student as well as a mother. She put every ounce of determination left in her to continue her studies. She was a Sociology student.

Balancing the responsibilities of a student and mother, Anie took whatever work came in her path and worked dedicatedly.

From curry powder and other items door-to-door, she sold everything that helped earn her money.  

Many women take a break to focus on their families. Later they wish to get back to work. Today, women have many job options that allow them to get back to work after taking a break from their careers.

When going gets tough, the tough get going.

Despite the challenges of being a new mother and managing a job simultaneously, Anie was strong. Along with her career, she completed her graduation in sociology.

The journey towards a better tomorrow begins.

Anie wanted a better life. And a better career. On a relative's suggestion, she applied for the post of a constable. That was her first breakthrough. She left her job and started studying for IPS exams.

Anie proved that it is never too late to begin what you want with her ever-changing career lines.

Three roads, One Destination

Training to be a police officer is more challenging than being a Police officer. Getting selected as an IPS officer is not easy. Training for challenges head-on was one of Anie’s strengths. Anie proved that no field is impossible for women.

The usual belief around Anie was that IPS, a male-dominated field, has very few females who chose this line as a profession. But this did not scare Anie away.

Her readiness to put in efforts were as high as her ambition. With that, she cleared her first hurdle race and became a constable. The designation of Constable was just a start. Her aim was far above.

Sales person Anie to SI Anie Siva

After 3 years of serving as a constable, the opportunity to become an SI knocked at her doorstep. Anie’s approach of converting obstacles to opportunities and her determination to overpower them kept her working harder. After two years of rigorous training, she earned her reward as the Senior Inspector at Varkala police station.

Anie is an example that with effort, no field is difficult for women. If you wish to know more about the different career options available for women, you can check out our Career Guidance Section and take one more step towards achieving your dream career.