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Inspiring Success Story of Divya Suryadevara

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Divya Suryadevara is one such woman achiever of India who is an inspiration for girls across.

We know that “Nothing great ever came that easy”, which is why Divya knew that she has a tough road to cross ahead of her. The story of how Divya become the first female Chief Financial Officer of the 110-year-old company – General Motors, America’s No.1 automotive company is not only inspiring but also shows that strong determination of fulfilling a dream can turn things upside down.

Here is the inspiring story of Divya, one of the many women achievers of modern India…..

Divya lost her father when she was very young….

It was her mother’s responsibility to raise her and her two sisters. Seeing her mother work through day and night to provide for the family, she decided to aim for something big and went to Harvard for her education at the age of 22.

The journey from Chennai to Harvard was again not easy because she did not have enough money and went on a student loan. Her sole purpose of education was centered around providing security to her family by getting a job. Unlike other students, she could not afford to take trips or enjoy, due to the pressure to pay back the loan.

The learnings of the university and her willpower to do something big in the field of finance made her secure a position in the male-dominant world of the corporate hierarchy. Securing a position after sincere determination is one thing, but she was also successful in improving the financial performance of the company through her understanding of the industry and numbers.

She was called a ‘Transformational Leader’ by the CEO of General Motors, who is also a female.

Guess what? Divya was no different than a regular girl. She knew that good education would help her achieve her dreams and that is what she did.

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From Divya’s story, two things are very clear – one is her courage which is why she took a big step of going to Harvard to pursue her education on loans and the other is her ability to believe in her herself and her hard work through which she performed continuously and is now at the top.

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