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Inspiring Success Story of Gurmeen Shrivastava - Glow & lovely Careers

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While most mothers update their wardrobe post-childbirth, Gurmeen updated the designer in her. She started her unique clothing line – Nayshaas. And also ended up helping underprivileged women earn during the pandemic!

Born in Chandigarh, Gurmeen decided to take up a course in fashion designing. Despite having a fashion designing background, she never thought of directly starting her own business.

In fact, after finishing her degree in designing, Gurmeet took up job a corporate job. Soon she became a senior manager at an export firm in Mumbai. 

Then she got married and decided to take a break from work. Soon she became a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

Taking a break from work to focus on family and motherhood need not be the end of one’s career. It can be the start of a new opportunity waiting to happen.

Birth of a woman entrepreneur

Post-delivery, just like most mothers, Gurmeen couldn’t fit into her clothes before pregnancy. So she wanted to create something that women could wear irrespective of their physical structure. With this idea in mind, Gurmeen started her own clothing line.

Since her daughter’s birth was the reason behind this start up, she named venture after her daughter, Nayshaa. Thus began Gurmeen’s journey from a mother to an entrepreneur.

While most mothers update their wardrobe post-childbirth, Gurmeen updated the designer in her.

What made Nayshaas unique was the clothes were stitched. The clothes could be worn by a person of a slender build, the fabric was stitched in such a way that it had extra margins which could be altered in case the size went extra loose or tight.

Apart from readymade clothing, Nayshaas also offered women to get tailormade or customized clothing – so they could wear the clothes they dreamt of without worrying about the size, fit or quality of fabric.

And then the pandemic started. Many people lost their jobs.

As the pandemic hit the nation, shops were closed. Despite having jobs, people were jobless. Desperate time requires desperate measures.

Gurmeen decided to change the strategy from making cloth bags to making masks.

And then, she went a step ahead and helped many underprivileged women as well!

Gurmeen was emotionally attached to Nayshaa as it was named after her daughter. So, she did not want it to function mechanically.  She wanted it to be much more than just a business.

She wanted her business to mean more. Do more. Do something for the society. 

Gurmeen decided to collaborate with Srujna, an NGO that worked with underprivileged women.  

Before the pandemic, the women from Srujna were stitching cloth bags under the brand name Nayshaas.

During the pandemic, the materials used for making clothes went into making masks.

Without compromising on quality, Nayasha’s product portfolio increased. Business increased.

Along with clothes, they were now making soft and good-quality masks, earrings, laptop sleeves, pouches, and more.

Gurmeen’s approach not only got her brand reputation but also helped families of 30 women.

It is said that when a man learns, he becomes educated. But when a woman learns, she educates and helps everyone around her.

Gurmeen’s story proves this right. Just like Gurmeen, every woman has potential waiting to be tapped.. Do not be afraid to dream. Tap into your inner Gurmeen!

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