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Inspiring Success Story of Naiyya Saggi

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A Mother And Entrepreneur Smashes The Belief That Women Cannot Work After Pregnancy

Naiyya Saggi is the CEO of BabyChakra, a parenting app that she founded in her thirties.  Before starting this company, she worked in a consulting company called McKinsey & Company in Mumbai.

The Start Of A New Company For Naiyya

Her journey to starting BabyChakra only began when she saw her sister struggling to find parenting advice on the internet.

As a new mother, her sister spent hours searching for valuable parenting information and wasted a lot of time. This was when Naiyya thought of creating BabyChakra.

Her website provides mothers advice, recommendation, and support with motherhood. This saves new mothers from losing time in searching information online. Instead, it helps them put that time into working or completing other tasks.

She Had To Deal With Misconceptions About Working Women

When Naiyya started BabyChakra, she was in her thirties and married. Few investors she spoke with had doubts about her capability and commitment to her business.

An investor once asked her, “Would you continue your business if you become pregnant?” This question shocked her.

She Handled Her Pregnancy And Business Together

When Naiyya got pregnant, the same question came back to her memory. She again wondered if people would start to doubt her capabilities.

She attended all her client meetings till the day before she delivered her baby. She returned to her office two weeks after delivery without taking a very long break.

Even with her busy schedule, she makes sure to take some time off to play with her daughter.

There are many women who believe that they have to quit their careers after getting pregnant and having children. But Naiyya didn’t think that way! She fought against that thought and stood confidently with the goals she had for BabyChakra.

If you are a stay-at-home mom or just looking to start working after a pregnancy break, one way to develop your skills is to take plenty of free online courses. It’s possible to build a resume and even find exciting work opportunities easily online.

She’s Making A Huge Impact For Mothers To Find The Best For Their Babies

Today, millions of mothers trust BabyChakra to get pregnancy tips, baby healthcare advice, and get in touch with experts. BabyChakra also has a mobile app that is downloaded by 1.5 million people.

Naiyya Saggi has proved that women can balance motherhood and their careers at the same time.