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Inspiring Success Story of Ritu Bhansali

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Ritu Bhansali is the founder of Everything Mom Made. This is a company she started in the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of her daughters. Her business has no physical store but she manages it online on Instagram.

In a short time, her company has got nearly 19 thousand followers online.

Going Out Of Her Comfort Zone To Become A Financially Independent Housewife

Ritu was brought up in a time when society didn’t approve of girls working after marriage. This is why even though she had a postgraduate degree in commerce, she didn’t go out to look for a job but got married first.

Like most Indian mothers, Ritu gave her daughters natural remedies for various skin-related problems that they complained about. From here began the idea to sell these homemade skin products and start a business. Her daughters also encouraged her to go ahead and create her company Everything Mom Made.

When Ritu started Everything Mom Made, she had no background or knowledge about running a business online. It was something outside her comfort zone because for years she was a homemaker. Yet, she took on the challenge. At age 49, she created an opportunity for herself.

She now has a busy schedule, attends business phone calls and meetings. From being a housewife, she changed her role into a busy entrepreneur. With her earnings, she has the freedom to do as she likes with her finances.

Small Beginnings But Big Growth

Social Media has made it very easy to set up an online shop without the need to make a big investment. Like Ritu, you can make an account on apps like Instagram for free. Most small businesses use regular courier services to send their products to customers. You can directly chat and communicate with customers online and don’t need a real physical shop. There are many advantages to setting up an online store.

For Ritu to start EverythingMomMade, she invested only Rs 20,000 to begin her business.

Her products started to receive a lot of love and attention from people that like to shop for homemade chemical-free skin products. Word of mouth also helped the small businessgrow. In addition, there is a huge demand in the market for organic items. This is why small local brands also get a lot of attention.

In an online interview, Ritu’s daughter mentions how her mom gets emotional every time a customer leaves a positive review about her product. Running her own business helps Ritu feel like she’s making an impact in society.

Homemakers like Ritu have various options to go out and start earning for themselves. In the 90s, it was disapproved of by society when women worked after marriage. But it’s not the same anymore. Many women start businesses by themselves and are entering the workforce to be financially independent. There are many internships, work from home opportunities, and exciting marketing jobs out there today.