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Inspiring Success Story of Saumya Vardhan

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It is said that if you believe in your dreams, follow them. Money will automatically come in. Saumya’s success story is a classic example of this.

When Saumya decided to start her business, she had two objectives in mind:

  1. Establish a profitable business
  2. Keep the culture and traditions of India alive and make it easy for people to access them.

At that time, Saumya was working as a consultant for KPMG in London.

But, she decided to quit and follow her dream of starting a website for conducting pujas online. It's called – Shubhpuja.com. 

Today, Saumya has achieved both these objectives very well and has many awards and nominations to her credit, such as:

  • Femina Women Super Achiever Award
  • Being among the only 2 out of 900 startups in India to be awarded Equity free seed funding
  • Digital Women Entrepreneur of 2016
  • Featured in Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs redefining the digital space in India by SheThePeople.TV
  • Nomination for Silicon Valley 40 under 40

Apart from India, Shubhpuja.com has customers all the way from Russia, USA to Hong Kong, Singapore and UK! With Saumya as its head! And Saumya has even more ambitious plans!

She says, “We plan to make Shubhpuja.com an equivalent of Shaadi.com in religion e-commerce market. We plan to double our sales team to reach out to a wider audience!”

How it all started….

It was a sad incident that led to Saumya starting her own business, though. A friend's father passed away, and most of the family lived abroad while some were in India.

The entire family, however, had to struggle while organizing the rituals for the cremation process. That is when Saumya realized how difficult it is for many people to get Indian rituals done authentically.

As a girl, there are many things that Saumya inspires us to do…

  • Being proactive and brave:

It could have been easier for Saumya to stick to her job as a high paying consultant in London. Instead, Saumya decided to be brave enough to pursue her dreams. She decided to take the risk and start her own venture.

Today, Saumya has a system where Customers from anywhere in the world can schedule and participate in rituals in India through Skype or Facetime. These rituals are customized for each individual. They are conducted in Sanskrit as per the tradition.

The requirements for the puja – offerings, garlands and all other things are handled by ShubhPuja.com. The customer only has to log in! The priests conduct the ceremony online as per the rituals.

  • Using Social Media

Saumya has started her own blog to spread awareness around ancient rituals and the scientific rationale and logic around them.

Her idea is to bring to the people the actual knowledge and logic around these rituals. This also keeps people safe from falling prey to scams and scandals.

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  • Constantly upgrading her knowledge and skills.

To ensure quality and genuine service to her customers, Saumya also took a two-year course in astrology and is now a qualified astrologer herself!

“I realized I had to in order to be able to figure out who is saying the right thing,” she says. “Now people acknowledge I know what I’m talking about.”

Along with managing her business, Saumya is also learning Vastu Shastra and numerology. 

  • Confidence and belief in her own capabilities

Confidence is the key – whether it is for Saumya or other girls like Saumya.  

It was Saumya’s confidence and belief in her own capabilities that allowed her to take a risk, follow her dreams and launch something as unique as ShubhPuja.com.

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Constantly upgrading one’s skills, taking up online courses, using social media effectively, having a good personality….. all help one gain confidence.