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Inspiring Success Story of Seema Kumari - Glow & lovely Careers

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“I thought I was a burden. Like a bag of stones for my parents” says Radha. A girl from Jharkhand.  

Radha’s quote is one of the first things that you will get to read when you visit the website of Yuva. It is a nonprofit organization that works with girls in rural Jharkhand to provide them with better education and life.  

In Jharkhand, the girls are treated differently when compared to boys.

If you go to this website, you will come to know the kind of challenges that girls in Jharkhand face

  • Out of 10 girls, only 5 get the benefit of going to the school
  • Even out of these 10 girls, 6 girls are forced to get married. They become child brides.
  • Thousands of little girls are forced to leave Jharkhand – as sex workers or labourers 

In this kind of depressing background, Seema decided to broaden her horizon. Think differently. And shine. Despite the darkness around her!

Seema applied to Harvard. And is now studying there. On a full scholarship!


Talent does not remain hidden for long. It is like sunshine. A small opening and light will shine through. It does not require large openings, grand doors or huge windows. Even a small opening is enough. Keeping this thought in mind, we have also launched Scholarship Programsfree Career Guidance and free online courses for girls in a variety of subjects .  

If you have a dream to build a better tomorrow for yourself, we wish the same for you. And we are willing to do all that it takes to help you achieve your dream. If there is anything that you wish to ask us or share with us, simply contact us here! We will be happy to speak to you!

Seema is famous today. Recently Priyanka Chopra also praised her in one of her posts on Instagram. Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter also praised Seema’s efforts. 

However, this fame and praise have not come easily for Seema. There were many challenges that she had to face…..Poverty, the pressure of society, illiterate parents…..and so on.

Seema’s father is a poor, illiterate farmer. His farming is just enough to feed his family. There are no additional crops left for him to trade. So, in addition to farming, he also works as a laborer in a local thread factory.

Seema did not let these challenges have a negative impact on herself.

Instead, she decided to study and shine. She joined the Yuwa school. Yuwa has undertaken many initiatives to help girls in Jharkhand. Seema also worked as a football coach in her village.

She was laughed at by a few people for wearing shorts and what the villagers called boy’s clothes. However, Seema did not let such criticism and ridicule affect her. She focused on what was important instead.

Along with Harvard, there were other universities, such as Trinity, which were willing to accept Seema as one of their students.

Seema’s story is really an inspiration to girls across the world today. Rather than being an illiterate child bride, Seema decided to challenge her boundaries.

She has big dreams even now. After completing her education, Seema wants to help the women in her village become financially independent. Teach them vocational skills and knowledge. Seema wants to see gender equality. In her village as well as the world!