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Inspiring Success Story of Sindhu Gangadharan

Women Achievers

Sindhu Gangadharan is the Managing Director of SAP. Anyone aware of database management and maintenance is familiar with SAP. SAP is a German company that makes software for business organizations and customer service.

Her journey began in Bengaluru, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, for its vital contribution to Information Technology or IT as it is commonly known.

Today, of course, there are many job opportunities and courses available for girls in IT. But when Sindhu started out, things were different.

Following her passion

Young Sindhu's father wanted her to become a Doctor. But she was always interested in computers and information technology. So, Sindhu decided to choose Computer Science instead of medicine.

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Life as a full circle.

After completing her education, Sindhu joined SAP Labs as a Software Developer in 1999. Sindhu initially worked in the Bengaluru branch and was later transferred to SAP's Germany branch.

Slowly but steadily, she started climbing the corporate ladder of success. First, she was a software developer, then a product manager…. then a product head and then the Vice- President….

And finally – the Managing Director of SAP Labs India! The place where Sindhu joined as a Software Developer chose her to be the country head!

While this is a remarkable feat, Sindhu did not just stop there.

Along with being the Managing Director at SAP Labs, she is also an independent director at Titan, an executive council member at NASSCOM and among the board of directors at Qualtrics, an American Software company.

Sindhu's mother also has a role to play in her success

Through her work, Sindhu has proved that a girl can do anything that a boy can do and do it well! 

She is the first woman to head a German technology giant in India. 

Her mother also deserves credit for instilling confidence in Sindhu and encouraging her to believe in herself.

Speaking about how she was treated equally and no less than her brothers, Sindhu once said, "Growing up in Bengaluru, my mother had the same expectations from me that she had of my two brothers."

Creating a path for more females in the organization.

While Sindhu was working at SAP, she realized that the ratio of females in the IT sector was significantly less compared to their male counterparts.

Her company had started initiatives such as Girls who Code, Girl Smarts and Girl Power Tech to boost female participation in the IT field.

Create your balance.

Sindhu is a wife, a mother, a computer engineer and a Managing Director and a proof that women can choose what they want to be.

They need not have to sacrifice their career for a family life or sacrifice family life for career. 

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The world is changing. And it is changing for the better.

A girl today can achieve whatever she wants. Sindhu is a great example of this and an inspiration to women who wish to establish their own identity in the field of computers and information technology.