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Inspiring Success Story of Upasana Taku

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The past few years have seen a rise in online and digital payments. Even auto drivers and paan shops now accept digital payments. There are many well know international players in the market – GooglePay, PayTm, AmazonPay and others.  

Occupying pride of place with these international players is an Indian name – Mobikwik.

Adding to this pride is the fact that an Indian woman is its co-founder. Meet Upsana Taku, the girl behind Mobikwik.

Upasana broke many myths and stereotypes with her career choice.

  • Staying away from home: Upasana was born in Surat. She moved all the way to Jalandhar in Punjab to study engineering. 
  • Studying industrial engineering: While many girls her age were busy pursuing more women-oriented courses, Upasana chose a male-dominated, technical field. She decided to pursue industrial engineering.
  • She even went to the USA to complete her MS in Management Science and Engineering. That too from the very prestigious Stanford University. Upasana was focused right from the beginning!
  • Coming back to India:  In the US, Upasana worked on many important projects. These projects were worth millions of dollars.

Her family had reservations about Upasana giving up her comfortable life in the US. After all, she had a stable, successful career there.

Upasana, however, wanted to come back to India. She wanted to contribute to the country.

  • Establishing her own startup: In India, Upasana met her future husband, Bipin Preet Singh. Together, they started Mobikwik.
  • Leading finance and technology:  Upasana broke the stereotype that women find it challenging to handle FinTech (finance and technology). She was the one heading FinTech in Mobikwik. Even before starting MobiKwik, Upasana was successful in FinTech. She held key positions in international companies such as HSBC and PayPal.

Upasana has proven that girls can lead in finance and technology. And achieve success! In 2016, she was featured on the Forbes Asia “Women To Watch” list.

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As a girl and a startup founder, Upasana had to face challenges too. But she did not let them affect her spirits…

When Upasana was managing finance at MobiKwik, she would often meet bankers, auditors, and investors. They were usually surprised to see a woman handling finance. Sometimes, they would even request that a male deal with them instead of Upasana.

Upasana did not let such biases affect her. She confidently handled finance as well as technology...

As a start-up founder, Upasana had to multi-task…

She was managing finance and hiring people. None of this was easy.  She had to find talented people. Then see if they fit with her company's expectations. And then convince them to join a new organization. All this was challenging. But Upasana was not someone who gives up.

Her motto was simple: Kick up a storm or die trying.  So Upasana kept trying and managed it confidently.

Upasana was always focused and goal-oriented. Once she decides something, she tries her level best to achieve it.

She once said, "Tenacity is key. When you start something new, the ecosystem doesn't accept you easily; people say no. It took us 10 months to get the first bank onboard for wallet loading, while the second one happened in 15 days. It took us 3-4 months to get our first few top merchants in 2014. Within 3-4 months we closed eBay, Domino's, and other large merchants. All because I held on tight.”

In fact, so dedicated were Upasana and Bipin to their startup that they even took work breaks during their wedding day!

Their hard work paid off! Today, Mobikwik is one of India’s leading fintech ventures!

Today, there are many women leaders in both Finance and technology.

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