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This International Women’s Day, Take Inspiration from Krishna Chaurasiya, Who Created Her Identity through a Career in Sales

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As a young girl, you may have dreamt of becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher, astronaut, or artist. Aspiring to become a sales professional is not at the top of the list for most young girls due to several reasons. A few of them could be the amount of work stress in sales roles or even the uncertainty of landing a sales job among the male competition out there. Yet, sales are one of the highest-paying professions and Glow & Lovely Careers believes that girls are well suited for these lucrative careers.

The sales profession has many negative perceptions attached to it. Many people believe sales is too physically tiring for girls, there’s too much travel involved, the conditions are too rough or unsafe for girls. These reasons were not daunting enough for Krishna Chaurasiya to shy away from this challenging profession.

If you are a young woman who is on the fence about making your profession in sales, read the inspiring and successful journey of Krishna Chaurasiya who jump-started her career forward despite the competition and challenges.

1. Would you like to tell us where are you from, what is your family background and educational background?

I am a resident of village Biloua, district Gwalior. I was born on 2, June 1993. We are a family of seven individuals, and being the eldest one, I feel I hold the major chunk of responsibilities for my family. I am a postgraduate in psychology from Jiwaji University.

2. What is your inspiration behind choosing your career in Sales?

Women are great in sales, especially referral sales. But many of us have not explored it. The truth is that our brain is hard-wired differently than men. I have always been good at making time to build trusted, strong, and long-lasting business relationships. Thus, the sales profession always attracted me and I hold pride in being a sales representative.

3. How did you get guidance on your dream career? 

Online resources have played a major role in guiding me. I started my career as a sales promoter in Big Bazaar, and that is when I explored and trusted this profession and realized it is for me! Every aspiring girl should try out sales roles, get career guidance and try online courses in sales and marketing to really understand the field.

4. What are the common hurdles you faced during your career?

The amount of work pressure, interaction with so many people, and the dynamics of the job get a little overwhelming at times. However, my passion and determination for the sales profession were so strong that no obstacle could shake my journey.

5. What motivated you to choose this career path?

It was a matter of pride for me to make my career in sales and my need is to constantly learn and evolve with everything that the profession has to offer.

6. What are the challenges you faced during your career, for example, family opposition or financial hurdles, and how did you overcome the same?

My family has always been supportive. I never faced any family opposition; in fact, I got a lot of help from my parents and siblings. However, there were a few financial constraints at the beginning of my journey, which slowly got ironed out as I progressed in my career.

7. What are the actions you have taken independently to pave your path to progress?

If you are honest with yourself and your career, progress is certain.

8. Can you tell us the best and the most challenging part of your job? 

Both the best, as well as the challenging part of the job is to ACHIEVE your TARGET.

9. Do you think that the internet is a good platform to take up online sales courses to boost your career in sales? 

Yes, the internet is a good platform to take up online sales courses. Today there is no shortage of online learning courses for women and guidance on the internet and other social platforms. The best part is that these courses are usually free so someone who doesn’t know what sales or marketing is about, can easily understand the basics for free.

10. Would you like to share something about your professional stint at HUL? 

During my tenure with the HUL family, I received a lot of support from all the higher officials and colleagues, which is amazing. I feel lucky.

11. Do you think there are enough women in the senior management posts in the sales sector? 

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to women working in the sales sector. There is a smaller number of women in the senior management posts in the sales sector in general. Many young women have not thought about the advantages and bright sides of this profession. I suggest young women talk to their friends who are in sales to really understand the positives and negatives of these jobs.  

Glow & Lovely Careers and Hindustan Unilever Limited believe that women are well suited for roles in sales and marketing. They have the brains, the ability to negotiate and communicate, and the determination to succeed.

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