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Interview with a school teacher

 Interview with a school teacher

‘Teaching is a very noble profession and it shapes the character and future of an individual’

 The value of a teacher in a student’s life is immense. A teacher has the power and opportunity to change the mindset of a child and develop him/ her into becoming a well-rounded, good individual. If you enjoy working with children and have a strong desire to change lives, then there is no profession better than that of a teacher’s. The Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) encourages all women that aspire to become journalists by providing expert career guidance and free online courses on various subjects.

 Interview with a school teacher


To understand in detail what a teacher’s job entails, we spoke to Dilshad, who works as a pre-primary school teacher at the American School of Bomaby. She finds the work quite challenging and exciting at the same time. Here are some excerpts of the interview we had with her:


Q) What inspired you to become a teacher?


Ans: Becoming a teacher was a childhood dream of mine. I was always interested in teaching the things I know to the people around me. Now, as a teacher, I am able to influence the lives of hundreds of children and that gives me immense pride and joy. In addition to these things, I also feel that whatever I learn and experience with the children at school helps me train my own kids also accordingly. I am able to apply the positive learnings at school to my own family as well.


Q) What are the qualities a teacher should possess?


Ans: According to me, a teacher should be extremely patient and should be able to understand things from a child’s point of view. She should have a flexible personality and a positive attitude always. She should always keep in mind that her students will get seriously influenced by anything she speaks or does, and hence, it’s important for her to be in her most positive space state of mind at all times. At my school, there are children from various backgrounds and hence, I have to make sure that they mix well with each other without having any cultural differences.


Interview with a school teacher


Q) What are the various activities you involve in, as a teacher?


Ans: Apart from teaching academic lessons in the class, a teacher has to involve in various other activities inside and outside of school. Planning has to be done every day as to what lesson to teach in class that day, which involves a lot of reading up on various topics and designing activities for children related to those topics. I also have to take care of certain administrative jobs in school with respect to maintaining registers and logs related to various details of my students, which includes the progress of each student in the academic and personal space.


Q) What are the perks of being a teacher?


Ans: The biggest perk is definitely the respect one gets in the society. No matter where you go, being a teacher always gives you a special place among people. Being a teacher lets you directly influence an individual’s character building and hence, of the society at a larger scale. Apart from these, you get a good number of holidays in a year that you can use to spend with family. The monetary benefits are also quite satisfactory.


Q) Does the job of a teacher give you a good work-life balance?


Ans: Definitely, yes! Although it is a very important job to do and consumes a lot of your time, you still can easily strike a good work-life balance.


The Glow & Lovely Careers strives to encourage more women like Dilshad to come forward and achieve their dream goals. You can get career guidance for a teacher’s job on the website. Here are some online courses that you can look through while preparing for a teacher’s role: Communication skills, Self-Presentation, Practical English and more.