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Inspiring Journey of Deputy Collector - Wasima Shaikh’s

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Challenging conditions in childhood. An ill father. A poor, illiterate mother. And no money for education. But nothing stopped Wasima. First, she topped SSC. And then MPSC…And became the deputy collector of Nagpur!

Here is the inspiring story of this girl who changed her fortune and the fortune of her entire family!

A difficult childhood

Born in Nanded, Wasima had to face a lot of problems. Her father could not work because he was ill. Her mother was a labourer. The money she earned was not enough to make ends meet.

In addition, Wasima’s village was well known for child marriages, alcohol addiction, illiteracy, and domestic violence.

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Her mother was her biggest support ….

Many people even advised her mother to get her daughter married. Wasima’s child marriage would mean less burden on the family. But Wasima wanted to study ahead.

As a child, Wasima’s mother was forced to quit her education and get married. She did not want the same fate for Wasima.

She wanted her daughter to fulfill her. Complete her education and stand on her own feet.

Wasima took up the challenge and topped the SSC exam.

Then she went on to graduate in Arts from Yashwant Rao Chavan Maharashtra Open University.

This was a proud moment for Wasima’s mother – who did not even study till the 5th standard!

Wasima had bigger dreams than just graduation. She wanted to give her MPSC exams.

This is where she received unconditional support from her brother…

Wasima’s brother quit his studies and drove an auto-rickshaw to pay her fees for the MPSC exam

Wasima’s elder brother, Imran, was in college when Wasima started studying for MPSC exams.

Then they came to know to support Wasima’s education, they would need money for her coaching classes and other requirements.

Imran dropped out of his BSc and started driving an auto-rickshaw to support his sister.

This helped Wasima to arrange study material for herself.

But were more problems - no electricity, rising costs of her tuitions and the additional money needed for

Wasima did not believe in excuses. She even studied without electricity. Her only goal was to work hard. She wanted to change her and her family’s life for good.

For the first six months, she joined coaching classes to study the exam pattern. But later, she studied on her own.

“There are only two ways to face problems—drown in them and look for escapism or improve your circumstances. I chose the latter as my mother and brother extended unconditional support,” Wasima once said.

Try. Try. Till Success

Wasima cleared MPSC written exams in the first attempt but failed in the interview. Wasima, however, refused to give up.

Failing at the interview stage was a big blow to Wasima’s family because they didn’t have enough money to invest in one more year of preparation. 

Her mother was again pressured by her relatives to get her daughter married. But nothing could stand before Wasima’s willpower and hard work.

While she did not crack MPSC, she was still selected as a grade two officer in Nagpur’s sales tax department. She took up this job. Simultaneously she also prepared for her civil service exams.

With consistent efforts and determination, she topped the exam and secured the third rank in MPSC. Today, she is a proud deputy collector in Maharashtra.  

She is also a sister any brother would be proud of. After getting a job, Wasima also helped her brother complete his education.

She is also a daughter any mother would be proud to have. While her mother could not study beyond standard 5, she ensured that her daughter fulfilled her dream.

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