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Last Minute Tips to Crack Railway Exams

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The RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) has released recruitment notification for various job roles including JE (Junior Engineer), Group D positions, RRB ALP and more. There are around 2,45,000 vacancies in various job roles in the railways this year, and this is a great opportunity for aspirants to grab. If you are preparing for one of the railway exams that are almost around the corner, like the JE (Junior Engineer) exam which will be held tentatively in April/ May, then it’s time you change gears and start doing very serious preparation. Here are a few last minute tips that can be made use of in all railway examinations:


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1. Go through the entire syllabus and pattern of the exam you are going to take in order to create a proper plan in the limited time you have. Generally, most railway exams have the following 4 sections: Mathematics/ Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Science and General Awareness. Understand thoroughly the portions that come under each topic and come up with a study plan.


2.    Have a subject-wise strategy in place. Every subject demands a different kind of approach and in the last few days before the actual exam, you need to strike the right chord, so that you don’t waste time. Figure out the important topics that need to be focussed on under each subject. Here are some of the important topics in each section:


Mathematics: Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, BODMAS, Compound Interest and Simple Interest, Time and Work, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry


Logical Reasoning: Blood Relation, Direction, Analytical Reasoning, Analogy, Statement Argument, Assumption, Classification, Syllogism


General Science: Classification, Life Processes, Ecology, Sources of Energy, Reproduction, Acid, Bases and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals, Chemical Reactions, Units and Measurement, Heat, Force, Electricity and Magnetism, Gravitation


General Awareness:  Keep yourself abreast with the current affairs, watch informational videos, read PDFs and the newspaper every day. Questions from science and technology, sports, culture, personalities, economics, politics, etc. are asked regularly.


3.  Practice online mock tests every day. Competitive exams like these are all about speed and accuracy. With the enormous number of people taking these exams every year, the slightest difference in accuracy and speed can make a lot of difference. So, practice online railway mock tests every day to feel confident by the day of the exam.


4.  While giving your mock exams, make sure that you don’t linger on to a single question and waste time. Make sure to spend a maximum of 1-2 minutes on a question and if you still can’t crack it, move on to the next one. Later, once the entire exam is done, go back to the difficult questions and try cracking them.


5.  Last minute study tip for Mathematics: Start with the less difficult lessons including LCM, HCF, Average, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, etc. Get all the formulae by heart and get a strong hold on these basics. Nest, go for the slightly more difficult portions like Simplification, Time and Work, Time, Distance and Speed, etc. and only after you feel comfortable with these go for the next set of difficult chapters like Statistics, Probability, Permutation, and Combination.


6.  Last minute study tip for Logical Reasoning: Go in the same order of difficulty as mentioned for Mathematics. Start with practicing Puzzles, Distance and Directions, Blood Relations, etc, then move towards Seating Arrangements, Coding-Decoding, Input-Output, Assertion and Reasoning, and the like.


7.  Last minute study tip for General Science: Refer your class 9 and class 10 Science textbooks and brush up all the concepts. Make quick notes of all the important formulae, definitions, processes, etc.


8.  Last minute study tip for General Awareness: Find out all the events of national and international importance from the past six months. Focus on topics like Economy, Business, Politics, Various policies, Science and Technology, etc.



Make sure these points are strictly followed so as to ensure success in any railway exam. The Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) strives to enable every woman to achieve professional success and carve her own career path. We offer free online courses and free online mock tests to all aspiring women to aid her in her career development.